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Friday, September 30, 2005

Hello? Can You Hear Me Now??

Why should I do a blog? I barely have time to read the blogs of my friends as it is, so starting another one seems like a waste of time. But it may help me to stay focused on the things God is trying to get through my rather thick head .... and maybe I'll even take a moment to speak back to Him.

Geez, there I go alluding to that phrase that I've so despised ... the "God told me _____" phrase. Saying that God speaks to me still sounds so arrogant to me in a lot of ways, but I do believe He speaks ... not becuase we're "special" in any way but simply becuase He wants relationship with us.

So, feel free to read, or comment, or post about what God is saying to YOU at this time in your life. Even if you don't post here, I do hope you'll join Him in the conversation.



Michael the Forgiven said...

It's good to see you do a blog like this. I've already linked you.

Karen on the Journey said...

Hi Amber,
Great blog you have going here!:)
I like what you wrote about how big God is. I too have tended to limit God, especially in reaction to what I've seen at the opposite extreme : a kind of mind over matter, lie to yourself, make yourself have tons of faith overly spiritualized ritual. But like you said, it's all about who He is, and not really about who we are - except of course that we're His beloved children.
Take care!

Karen on the Journey said...

Hey! Is that Johnny Dep in that picture??? ;)

Amber said...

Hey Karen!
Yeah, I've definately reacted against a lot of misuse/abuse that I've seen and limited God in a number of ways. That's why all of this is such a challenge for me. Just when I think I've got God figured out, I find out that I'm still quite clueless. :)

And yes, that's Mr. Depp there - from Once Upon A Time In Mexico. As you can probably tell I'm a big JD fan. Just think he's one of the most talented actors of our time. He seems to be a pretty cool human being too despite some of the things that have been written in the media. I know, I know ... there are a lot of folks who would question my Christianity if they thought I was a Johnny Depp fan. LOL. OH well....