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Thursday, October 20, 2005


When I first started blogging I questioned why I should do it, or why I would want to do it. I decided that it would be good for a number of reasons: (1) typing about my "conversations" with God would help me to focus on where I'm at in my walk with God, (2) it would force me to think, something I don't normally do a lot of, and (3) it would force me to write, even if it's just on a blog and I'm giving little thougth to how I write. It was something personal ... something that I didn't mind if others read, but nothing that I expected anyone to read, much less respond to.

Then a funny thing happened. People read it. And people responded. And that was cool! I heard things that seem so foreign to me but that felt good to hear. Things like "you're thoughts are always interesting" or, "you write really well" or some other such stuff. I never hear that from anyone else. In fact, most of the people who know me in daily life never ever tell me that my thoughts are worthy of a listen. Frankly, it shocked me that anyone would care to read what I have to say. But it was nice.

Then I noticed that no one that I know in my daily life ever reads my blog. My husband has read it once, maybe twice. My friends seldom ever check it out. I'm shy by nature and people always tell me that I'm hard to get to know, yet here is an opportunity to get to know me and what makes me tick and so few take the opportunity. Sometimes that hurts. Here is "me" out here, being open and vulnerable and sharing my thoughts and feelings - a chance to let people in and when those closest to me don't read, well ..... sometimes it feels as if they don't care. At the same time, total strangers, all from different countries, do read and they apparently like what I have to share. Baffeling. I've concluded that it doesn't really matter if they read or not though since the purpose of my blog is just to journal about my own walk with Christ.

Today I've read at Michael's blog about a bit of advice to not share your blog with those closest to you. And I've read a number of blogs where people seem to share a feeling of disappointment when there are few comments on their blogs. So, I'm wondering .... how do you all feel about this? Is my experience similar to yours?


Bruce said...

I'm not really sure why I started blogging. I enjoy writing, putting my thoughts down where others can read them. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed with a small number of comments (or none at all). But I'm not really doing it for the comments. I figure I'll write what I want, and whoever comes across my blog can either read it or not, respond or not. My family (wife and daughter) very seldom, if ever, read what I write. In fact, my 19 year old daughter would probably be horrified if she even knew I had a blog. :-)

Regardless of whether or not your friends or family read your blog, there are a lot of people out here who enjoy what you have to say, and can usually relate. There is, strangely enough, a family of sorts that forms in the blogosphere. Like minded individuals who enjoy writing and reading, and getting to know others all over the world. Doesn't make much sense to those who don't blog. And it's sometimes easier to vent, rant, and confess, to anonymous strangers.

Keep up the journaling. It's good for all of us.


Bar Bar A said...

Amber, I was thinking about this all day because I read Michael's blog too! I'll just cut and paste what I said...if I can find it...or remember who I said it too...Oh it was Michael!

I feel almost exactly like you do (you can read his comments and see how similar it is).

I am so glad I found your blog!!! In fact, I wonder if I've linked it...I've been link lazy lately. I will if I haven't.

Bless you for sharing your heart and thoughts with us!

David Cho said...

Wow! Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto.

I've been meaning to write on a similar topic, but if I do now, I will look like a plagiarizer.

Nobody in my daily life reads my blog either. But the thing is, they are not bloggers, and I think that explains why. In fact, I don't know any non-blogger who regularly reads blogs.

I will write about why I started blogging soon. Will tell you one thing though. I have always been known to have a very dry and sardonic sense of humor, but I never thought my humor would come through this medium.

So Amber, how your blog coming along :).

Amber said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. :)

Gary Means said...


I was going to respond in here, but I got way too long-winded. So I'll blog about it instead. Good post. Made me think. Oh, and I think your blog is great, and I even live in this country!


Gary Means said...

Here's a link to my post in response to your thoughts and questions. Thanks!


Lorna said...

I take it as it comes. If people comment I try to respond. If they offend I try to take what they saw on board without it becoming wounding. If I am hurt I usually say what I felt so that readers know my boundaries. But I've never removed a comment yet (except spam)

a few friends read my blog and I like their comments - they too write what perhaps they couldn't say up close and personal and mostly in love.

In a way it's good that not too many from our church read what I say - because I can be blunt - that's true in real life too so I tend not to water down what I write - or say - but I do try to build up and not destroy the enemy actually does a pretty good job without my help.

You write well. I like it that you share from your life.

Hoping your son is better soon