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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Darkness of the Sun

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a proud mom. I'm proud of my 20 year-old, and I'm also proud of my 16 year-old. Today I happened to read a story that my 16 year-old wrote for his English class and I was stunned. Who knew the boy could be so descriptive! My 20 year-old read it and asked, "Who are you??" LOL So, I'll post the story here. The story is based on real events that a year ago this past Father's Day, shatterd us all. My son did not know all of the details so he filled in some of it with his imagination, but the basic story is a real one. The names of some have been changed.

Darkness of the Sun
BY: Logan Buriff

On this particular summer morning, the freshly slivered grass felt like walking on gravel when bare footed. The wind gently spoke secrets in your ear and the dark muscular cirrus clouds tumbled upon the horizon, the screen door to the cabin raddled with fear as the storm approached. Even with the rain starting to sprint down from the heavens, there was a sense of peace inside the cabin. It was a tradition to come to the lake every year for this group of friends. It was a place where great moments were always found, but soon all these moments would be shadowed by a single bitter event.

Later on while the thunder clouds strolled away and the sun began to shine its greatness, the clan of friends made their ways to the boats. Pam and Anna were taking a swim in the chilly water while Bonnie piloted one of the two boats. Matthew had been starving to try the water tubes out again this year so he was the first to go for a spin. All of Bonnie’s attention was like a sniper on a suspect, focused in on Matt. Soon enough the vessel slowly began to move. Then it was moving faster and faster, and as soon as the boat was moving in a constant, smooth pace, a horrifying scream was heard. Pam and Anna had been hit. Pam had given her youth group, her family, her life, up for this little girl. Pam had shetlered the little girl Anna like a turtle shell covers it body, so Anna could grow up and live her life. She gave the ultimate sacrifice for her, she was a brave hero on that mothers day.

Now this lake that had been filled with passionate memories is stained for life, like a black shirt with a giant bleach spot on it, it will always be there, like Pam was and still is today.


Lorna said...

wow! - beautiful writing and oh so sad :(

Amber said...

Yeah, it was sad. Pam was a good friend, the youth leader at our church, a wife and mother to two children, and we all miss her terribly.

The thing about Pam was that she was not great in the eyes of the world. She was just an oridinary woman with fears and insecurities like the rest of us. But she was faithful, and because of that I'm still amazed at the impact she has had on so many people. Somebody once said that an impression goes away quickly, like footprints in the sand, but an impact always has a lasting effect. Pam definately had an impact.

David Cho said...

Greating writing! Wow and he is only 16 years old?

Amber said...

Yeah, I thought it was good, but then, I'm his mom. :) Unfortunately some kid at school today told him it was "stupid" and "fiction". Wish it was fiction. :\

Connie said...

Wow! I never knew that Logan was such a talented writer. He has beautifully expressed exactly how I feel about Pam, this event, the lake, the memories.
What insight!