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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Halloween Party

When we first found out that we would be going back to Grand Isle, Louisiana to help with Hurricane relief, I realized that we would be there over Halloween and thought it would be nice to do something for the kids on the island. My husband (Brian) talked to one of the city councilman at Grand Isle on Friday and found out that the city is not going to be having Trick-or-Treat this year. I suppose that they are still in survival mode so something like Trick-or-Treat is just out of the question for them. Brian told him that we would like to do something for the kids and he thought that would be GREAT! SO, I have a party to plan - for 100 kids! Now I've never planned a party before. We had small birthday parties for our kids when they were small but nothing this big. So, I've been running around buying prizes and collecting candy from our church to make up treat bags.

All of this has produced a kind of conflict in me. I know that a lot of Christians do not do the Halloween thing. Many are of the opinion that it is evil and that we should have nothing to do with it at all. I understand their point. I really do. I've been on every side of this issue myself but have come to think that it's really just fun and nothing more. Oh, I don't discount Halloween's pagan beginnings, and I don't' doubt the presence of evil at all. I know evil. I've seen it firsthand.

When we lived in Alabama we witnessed many things that could only be explained by demonic activity. The town we lived in had a lot of Satan worshipers, it was the national headquarters for the KKK, and had a huge child porn ring operating out of it. There was so much evil in that little rural town that the Capitan of the police department there ( a good friend of ours ) said that we would not sleep if we knew all that went on there after dark.

I do know that I've never encountered such blatant demonic power at any other time or place. It required us both to take a crash course in spiritual warfare because we had never seen or experienced anything remotely like that before. I know I'll never forget when our old typewriter typed out a whole paragraph with perfect spelling and perfect grammar - by itself! The manufacturer assured us that was impossible, but it happened. The message it typed could have been taken as a threat. A threat by what?? Or WHOM?? And I'll never forget seeing my infant son tossed across the room by something unseen. THAT made me MAD! If Satan thought he had a fight on his hands before that, well.... that just made it personal and wasn't about to back down then.

It was in Alabama that I learned not to fear Satan or his power. I do have a healthy respect for it and know it's nothing to be messed with out of ignorance, but I don't fear it. God is infinitely more powerful.

So, what to do about Halloween. I've come to the conclusion that Jesus is Lord of it all... that He can use anything given or done in HIS spirit to bring glory to Himself. Even a Halloween party in Grand Isle. Many of the kids there have lost everything they own. Halloween may not be a big deal when people are struggling just to survive, but if you ask any kid, Halloween is a big deal. By having a Halloween party, we will give them a sense of normalcy. And I would imagine that they will always remember that a church somewhere cared enough about the things that mattered to them one Halloween night. What that might do to reach a little one for Him, only God knows.


Bruce said...

Go for it...and God be with you. It's the little things that can make a difference. The kids are always forgotten in these situations, and they've been through enough. I hope it goes great. Let us know.


Lorna said...

enjoy preparing this - keep the monsters and nasty stuff to the minimum -if you can celebrate God's goodness and light and have fun together, God will be glorified.

bless your trip down there.

Amber said...

Well, I'm back from shopping and boy am I tired. :b I've decided that 100 kids are a lot of kids. But I think I've almost got everything together. I have a treasure chest full of loot (prizes for games) and some fun/spooky music sang by little kids so it's not too scary. Some cool tunes there - "Thriller", "Monster Mash", "Jump In The Line", "I Want Candy", Rock and Roll All Night", "The Witch Doctor", "Ghostbusters", "Walk Like An Egyptian", "Addams Family Theme", and "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead".

Brian and I both have our Pirate constumes in order - for the most part. (Pirates are BIG in Grand Isle.)

Still a few things left to get together but it's comming along.

Gary Means said...

You and Brian continue to inspire me with your unfeigned love. Christ has done beautiful things in, and through, both of you.

I have a new blog, btw. real name and all that stuff too.

Calia77 said...

Jesus can use anything - He used the culture He was born (as did Paul) into to reach out to those He came to serve and save.