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Sunday, October 02, 2005

I was thinking ....

I like to have fun. Regardless of what I'm doing I try to find the most fun way to do it and then go for it. Well, at this moment, I'm excited.
I've just signed up to go back to Grand Isle, Louisiana at the end of this month to do whatever we find to do in helping to clean up the island after the recent hurricanes. It will be a rough trip - we can only take one SMALL carry-on which must contain our clothes for the week, 2 rolls of toliet paper, and 2 ready-to-eat meals. We may or may not have running water or electric. Think "Survivor" and you've got a picture of our trip. We'll eat whatever the Red Cross cooks, assuming that the Red Cross is still there when we get there. Hmm ... a week with no possibly showers.... doing all sorts of nasty, hard, sweaty work...little to eat.... sounds like fun, eh?

But I was thinking .... this in fact could be FUN. We'll be there over Halloween. I know a lot of Christians don't practice any "halloween" stuff, but what can I say, I like fun. I like pirates too. ;) SO, I was thinking that we can do "trick-or-treat" for the kids on the island. We can take a load of candy and go around giving out candy instead of asking for it. We can paint their faces, and find some say to have some sense of normalacy in the middle of devestation. I've already ordered my Captian Jack Sparrow hat. I'll have to tie some beads in my hair for good measure. This may be a lot of fun. And maybe some kid will be cheered up as a result. The worst that can happen is that they will think that all Yankees are completely crazy.

Grand Isle has a rich "pirate" history.

Steeped in history, Grand Isle and its sister island, Grand Terre, were originally settled in the late 1700’s as a fishing village. The famous “Gentleman Pirate” Jean Lafitte converted the islands into the base of his looting operations. According to the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, Jean Lafitte used Grand Isle and the neighboring island Grand Terre for “his commune…which included a cafĂ©, bordello, gambling den, warehouses, and a barracoon (for detaining slaves).”

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