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Friday, October 07, 2005

Love Them All

I found a new blog today! One that I am really impressed with, partly because the topic deals with a ministry that is near and dear to my heart - an outreach to the homeless, and partly because I just think I would really, really like anyone who writes, "I write maudlin poetry and sing off-key, though I have the sense to not caterwaul in the shower. I'm always writing, and can spend three hours at the keyboard without batting an eye. I have yet to encounter an unfriendly dog, an unwise cat or a small child that was not a professor. I tip waitresses with abandon and treat cab-drivers with respect, but somehow manage to annoy almost everyone else.

There is one more thing: if an Elvis tune comes on the kitchen radio I will dance to it - even if it's not my kitchen.".

And then there's the person after my own heart who writes, "There's also typos and various grammarian faux pas throughout. Get over it". Now that's somebody I can relate to! :)

But the thing that really caught my attention was the loving spirit I saw in the posts there. I just thought "yes" when I read about the account of a particular homeless person and the conclusion they came to regarding them.

You either start developing rules about who can and can't be served and start weeding the non-conformists out, or you love them all, love them like there's no tomorrow.

Because tomorrow they're coming again. And tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow after that. And none of it, none of it at all, makes any sense whatsoever.

Isn't that what we're all after anyway - to be loved? The longer I live (which has been a while as my son pointed out) the more I'm convinced that love is really all that matters. To love God with all our heart and soul and mind and to love each other. For some time now I've summed up my outlook on life by saying, "love God, love others" because that's all that really matters. Now if I could actually practice that, wow ...

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Lorna said...

Oh I love RWK's site too - but he's gone 'walk about' for the rest of this month... still it gives time to re-read some of the gems he's shared over the past few months.

your sweet spirit is what has made me come back here again and again already.

be blessed :)

Amber said...

I know .... I will miss his posts but I will have fun checking out the past ones that I've not had a chance to get to. And I do hope he will enjoy his time away. I'm sure he could use it.