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Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Man Who Cried

David asked us to name three underrated movies. Well anyone who knows me knows that I never pass an opportunity to talk about a Johnny Depp movie. ;) I'm kidding. Sort of. I don't know if I can name 3 movies right now but I'll start with this one. The Man Who Cried (2000). I loved this movie and not just because Mr. Depp was in it. It is a beatiful and moving film, though not a typical American film. It moves slow and is dark if not depressing but it has a rich story of love and survival and hope for anyone who will take the time.

On a personal note, one of my favorite scenes is when Suzie is at the table with the gypsies and they all sing the same song in several different languages. It reminds me of the time I spent in Romaina, sitting at the table of my host family with my team from America. We were from different cultures with different issues facing us but we were all Christians and we all sang the same hymns, each in our own language. It was a beautiful time.

Plot Summary: (From the web site) In this touching romantic drama set in Paris on the eve of World War II, the diverse lives of four strangers intersect through the choices each is forced to make in order to survive.

Suzie (Christina Ricci), a young Jewish singer is befriended by a glamorous Russian dancer (Cate Blanchett) who helps her find her voice and guides her through the magical city of lights. She also finds the joy of love as she is captivated by the mysterious ways of an enigmatic gypsy (Johnny Depp), and danger in the deception of a willful Italian opera singer (John Turturro).

As history unfolds around her, Suzie is forced to choose between staying for her only love or escaping as her only hope. It is out of this bitter crucible that Suzie finally finds the strength to achieve her dreams.


Amber said...

I should explain ..... *blush*

I get a lot of teasing about being a fan of Johnny Depp, as you can tell by my need to "explain" here. :) SO, this is how it came to be that a fairly conservative pastor's wife became a Depp fan.

I saw Pirates of the Carribean. The rest is history. :)

I had always heard of Johnny Depp but never paid attention. My knowledge of the man could be summed up by saying that I knew he was good looking and had a bad boy reputation. But I didn't care about either. For one, good looking guys come a dime a dozen so big deal. I was not impressed. I also had suspicions that not everything I heard in the media was accurate or at least I suspected that some things might be taken out of context. My own experience with the media taught me that, so I didn't pay much attention to the stories I heard.

Then there was a pirate movie coming out that my family wanted to go see. I didn't want to see it. Why would I want to go see a stupid ol pirate movie anyway? But I did the family thing and went, grumbling all the way. And I was blown away. At the end of the movie I sat dumbfounded as my family looked at me for my reaction. The best I could do was "wow ... that was pretty good ... but the reason it was good was becuase of Johnny Depp". They agreed. Who knew the man could act??

SO, I was impressed but not hooked.

Then I saw Secret Window, mainly because a friend told me it was a lot like "Thr3e", a favorite Ted Dekker book. So I saw SW and THEN I was hooked. Again Depp's peformance was amazing. Very, very different from POTC, but every bit as good. That to me was the sign of a truly talented actor. I decided at that point that I'd been missing something and began going back to see some of the other movies he had been in. The more I saw, the more amazed I was at his talent. He could be "Sam" in Benny & Joon, and Captain Jack Sparrow in POTC, and Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow and Mort Rainy in Secret Window and be believable in each role. I've never seen anyone else pull that off.

I've also learned some things about his personal life that lead me to believe he must be a pretty decent human being. Not perfect mind you, but good.

So, yeah, I'm a fan. I am not a "defend to the death" fan who can't talk about him without gushing "he's so hot" after each sentence. I am put off by that kind of fan. I frankly could care less if he is hot or not. I just think I'd like him and I know I enjoy his work. He's not a bad artist either.

So there, I've cleared my name. ;)

David Cho said...

Wow Amber. You may have made history by being the first blogger to write to her own blog the first comment (which is not that unusual), the length of which exceeds that of the posting itself (THAT is unusual).

Thanks for responding to my call. You know something? I do have Pirates from Netflix and still haven't seen it. It's been collecting dust for about 3 weeks while I still pay the monthly fee. Now you got me motivated. If I like it, then I will rent The Man Who Crited as well.

Amber said...

Yeah, I got a bit long-winded on that "explaination" didn't I. :) Blogging history ... huh.... I guess that is cool. :)

Pirates is a fun movie. Not terribly meaningful, but definately fun. It's actually not my favorite although I probably talk more about it than others.

I'm still thinking of other underrated movies and will post about them when/if I think of them.

Michael the Forgiven said...

Thanks for sharing that, Amber. I will check out The Man Who Cried.