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Monday, October 31, 2005

Real Faith

For anyone interested, I am adding daily updates complete with pics from the Grand Isle trip over at my other blog.

A lot of you who read here probaby read Layla's blog as well, and for those of you who don't, why not? It's a great blog! Check it out sometime. Layla is going to see U2 tomorrow and I am so happy for her even if I am a bit jealous. Anyway, I read this on her blog a few days ago (I think - I tend to lose track of time) and just loved it. I dont know Bono or pretend to know the state of his soul but I know I can relate to a lot of what he says in this interview.

Rolling Stone's Interview with Bono

Do you pray or have any religious practices?
I try to take time out of every day, in prayer and meditation. I feel as at home in a Catholic cathedral as in a revival tent. I also have enormous respect for my friends who are atheists, most of whom are, and the courage it takes not to believe.

How big an influence is the Bible on your songwriting? How much do you draw on its imagery, its ideas?
It sustains me.

As a belief, or as a literary thing?
As a belief. These are hard subjects to talk about because you can sound like such a dickhead. I'm the sort of character who's got to have an anchor. I want to be around immovable objects. I want to build my house on a rock, because even if the waters are not high around the house, I'm going to bring back a storm. I have that in me. So it's sort of underpinning for me.
I don't read it as a historical book. I don't read it as, "Well, that's good advice." I let it speak to me in other ways. They call it the rhema. It's a hard word to translate from Greek, but it sort of means it changes in the moment you're in. It seems to do that for me.

You're saying it's a living thing?
It's a plumb line for me. In the Scriptures, it is self-described as a clear pool that you can see yourself in, to see where you're at, if you're still enough. I'm writing a poem at the moment called "The Pilgrim and His Lack of Progress." I'm not sure I'm the best advertisement for this stuff.


Bruce said...

I agree, Layla is something. If you like this interview with Bono, check out the one I found back in July.

Hope you and your son are doing well. I'll check out the happenings from Grand Isle on your other blog.


Bar Bar A said...

Thank you, Amber! Your very kind and I am so glad you liked what Bono said, he's an interesting guy for sure!!!

I wish you could go with me!!! I wish all my blog friends could go and just rock out and have a blast together. Who knows, maybe they'll have a "cyber concert" some day!