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Monday, October 24, 2005

Walking in the Dark

Sas The Chocolatholic has a really great post on her blog about Searching For Purpose. You really should check it out. It got me to thinking about how God so rarely shows us what His plans are. Sas says, and I agree, that God rarely shows us His whole plan .... but that it's usualy in hindsight that we look back and see where He was leading us. That's the essence of walking by faith and not by sight.

I have to say that this both irritates me to no end, and thrills me at the same time. On one hand, I'm one of those people who need a lot of assurance that I'm doing OK .... that I'm doing what He wants me to do and not just following my own whims. But on the other hand it's a greater adventure to step out on faith. Since I LOVE adventure, I really wouldn't choose to live any other way.

Then there are times when God simply doesn't make ANY sense. It's in those times that my faith is truly tested. I continue to follow Him simply because I really do believe that He is in control and that He does in fact know what He's doing, even when it appears that He doesn't.

I'm in the midst of one of those times right now.

It is now certain that I will not be going to Grand Isle. My son is no better. In fact, he is worse. He is scheduled for an MRI on Monday (Halloween). After the trip to the ER he began running a fever. He's also had a headache since Tuesday. He's now managed to completly baffle 4 doctors.

Your prayers for him are really appreciated.

I would love to write more but it's late and I've worked a LOT of hours this weekend and am running on very little sleep. SO, I'll go get some sleep and then tomorrow... I'll just keep walking.


Bar Bar A said...

Your blog is refreshing because you are honest and insightful.

I'm praying for your son and thanks for the link to Sas's post I'll check it out.

annie said...

I'm sorry you will not be able to go to Grand Isle. I will be praying for your son and your family, and for some kind of clear diagnosis for what is wrong.

Bruce said...

I agree with WW, your blog is refreshingly honest. I'm still praying for your son and your family. I'm just having a hard time knowing WHAT to pray.


Gary Means said...

A prayer for your son:

Dear Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
I hurt for Amber and Brian in their concern about their son. Lord, You know that I am so confused when it comes to praying for healing, so I bring Amber's son before You, and ask for Your love and Your mercy to be applied to his medical condition in Your perfect way. You see in my heart that I want him to be healed. And, if that's Your best for Him, then I do ask for that. Lord, You know how difficult this is for Amber and Brian, how helpless they feel, so I ask for Your peace for them. Comfort their whole family as they face this frightening time. AMEN

Amber said...

Thanks for your prayers for Logan. He was scheduled for an MRI next Monday (Halloween) and then a follow up doc. visit to the orthapedic doc in 2 weeks. Yesterday our family doc called and said she wanted it sooner than that since he's running a fever now. So SHE got on the phone to the hospital and he had the MRI this morning at 7 AM. She will call when she gets the results (probably tomorrow) and the follow up visit to the orthapedic doc is now set for this Friday morning. If nothing shows up on the MRI or blood work I'm not sure what the next step is.

I am grateful for a good family doc who got the ball rolling on this and that we were able to get the MRI sooner. I think it has been the prayers of people who have moved this along. So, thanks!

I'm swamped with getting stuff ready for Grand Isle. I'm not going but I'm still doing the party stuff. I must be nuts.... people in and around New Orleans can throw a party like nobody else and I thougth I would plan a party worthy of them????

I just finished filling 200 bags of candy and have been shopping non-stop for all the party goods. It's been fun but I am SO tired. Between son, party, and work I'm getting about 4 hours sleep a night. Thankfully I have Saturday off and everythign should be done by then since they leave Sat. night. Maybe I'll even get back to blogging. :)