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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Before I begin I want to apologize for having "disappeared" for a bit. Thanks to those of you who have asked about me.... it has been a really, really difficult time and your prayers for me and my husband are very much apprecited. I know there are many who have suffered at the hands of an abusive and controlling pastor and I feel for those folks, but there are also a number of good, humble, servants who get emotionally and spiritually beaten up in ministry too and I hope that if you have a good pastor, that you let them know how much you appreciate him/her.

Now .... for Chocolat

This is what I'm currently doing in my Sunday School class. We are watching clips of the movie Chocoat. It is not a parable, but I see quite a few parallels between this movie and the gospel. It's a good movie and it's cool to see the same old gospel revealed in a new way. My favorite scenes ....

When the priest is in the pulpit preaching "what is truth? Where will we find truth?" ... and then a rushing wind blows the church doors open. The mayor looks disturbed and gets up and shuts out the wind.

When the grouchy old woman gets her first taste of the chocolat ... and her whole countance changes and she almost giggles. Remember your first taste of God's grace?

When Josephine, a battered wife and pick-pocket who is talked about by everyone in the village and has no friends, gets her first taste of the chocolat and then in fear spits it out when her abusive husband calls for her. Later she works in the chocolat shop making and giving out the chocolat.

When Roux (a gypsy or "river rat") says, "I should warn you. If you make friends with us, you make enemies of others". I have a thing for outcasts. :)

Be sure to check out the Movie Glimpse site for a bible study using the movie Chocolat.


Bar Bar A said...

I would never have thought of using Chocolat in that way! Thanks for sharing the link to Movie Glimpse

see-through faith said...


happy thanksgiving :)

Gary Means said...

Leave it to you, Amber. I'll have to go back to Movie Glimpse and see if they've made Bible studies for other Johnny Depp movies.

Next quarter:
Ed Wood

Spring quarter:
The Corpse Bride

Summer Quarter:
From Hell

er, maybe not those.


I do need to go back and watch Chocolat again though. I watched Willie Wonka this weekend. Mr. Depp was good, but not as good as in some other films. But then again, he wasn't supposed to be, eh?

Bruce said...

Thanks for the link to movie Glimpse. I'm going to use some of that for my single's group.

Been missing you. Hope you are all well. How's your son and his mono?


Lorna said...

how are you doing?