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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


It's sad when we get into the mind set that we are competing with other ministries. I am seeing a bit of this in my church lately and it just makes me sad. There seem to be a number of other outreach ministries in our church who feel they are in competition with the hurricane relief efforts for dollars. I've heard some "behind the back" criticism of the efforts, and some not so behind the back comments such as "we didn't do too badly considering that we're competing with hurricane relief".

I understand their feelings. It is just basic fear that they will not have "enough" and that the people they are reaching out too will suffer for it. I really believe their feelings are born out of love for the people they serve. But I wonder if we don't cut our own throats when we begin to fear...

I am convinced that God has quite enough money for all of the things He has ordained. I try to look at it this way, If God wants it to happen, it will ... there will be enough of what we need to do it. And if He doesn't want it to happen then I don't want to be out there pushing something He is not behind. I never want to have such a grip on any ministry that I can't let go when God says it's time to let go. I never want anything to be "my" ministry - I want it to be His, and that means He's the one who has to worry about providing for it. It also means He can shut it down anytime He sees fit.


Bruce said...

Appreciate the thoughts. It seems, even in the church, there are always "turf" wars going on. MY ministry is much more important than YOUR ministry. When will we ever learn?


[rhymes with kerouac] said...

And sometimes, when the money does roll in, it's the worst thing that can happen to a ministry. Sometimes not providing is God's desire for a ministry as He seeks to draw the servants closer to him.

So, yes, I cringe at the idea of ministries competing also. It's like Bruce says - when will we learn?

David Cho said...

I've heard many times that the number one reason that people leave ministry is never the lack of money. It is because of people. Sorry to hear about what's going on.