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My passion is helping others defend themselves and their families. I am an NRA Certified pistol instructor, a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, leader of TWAW Shooting Chapters - North Cincinnati, and the state leader of TWAW Shooting Chapters - Ohio. I also have a heart for the Lakota people and lead mission teams to the Pine Ridge Reservation each year, am founder and director of Backpacks For Pine Ridge,, and do various volunteer work in my own community. My greatest joy is being a grandma and hanging out with my husband of 30+ years.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Layla's Questions

Layla asked us some questions on her blog and I thought I'd answer here.


1. What was your favorite subject in High School?

Art. I had planned on making a career of it but God had other plans.

2. What is something that makes you cringe? (like hearing nails on a chalkboard)

Seeing animals hurt.

3. What countries have you visited?

Romania, Haiti, Mexico, Grand Cayman, and of course I landed in airports in many other places but I'm guessing those don't count. Although .... I did have an interesting experience in a Vienna airport once.

4. What is something you've done in your life that you are proud of yet embarrassed to talk about.

Raising two really great boys.

5. How long have you been blogging?

Not too long. I can't remember when I actually started but somewhere in the past 6 months.


Bar Bar A said...

You've traveled to some diverse locations! New question: which place did you enjoy the most? Do you plan to visit any of them again?

I agree with number two. I love animals. It's almost unbearable to see them suffer. I know this is not uncommon: sometimes it's harder to see horse fall in a Western movie than a cowboy get shot. Why is that?

Amber said...

Hi Layla,

I would have to say that I enjoyed Romania the most. It was my first mission trip and there were only 5 of us on the mission team so we all bonded a great deal. We also had some pretty cool experiences like going through a 15th century castle in the Transylvanian Alps with a torch! And I would love to go back there sometime but I doubt if I will get to. Grand Cayman would be a close second. We went there when my husband's parents lived there and they had us fly down over Christmas one year. Beautiful!

Bruce said...

Art major! Do you ever still paint, or draw, or whatever you did? You should post some of your work. Or maybe you have and I never noticed.