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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Impact Makers

There are a few people I have never met, and never will meet in this lifetime, who have helped to shape my life and make me into the person I am today. For whatever reason, something about their life has touched my own and made an impact. Someone, maybe one of you, once told me once that makeing an impact is different than making an impression. An impression is like leaving footprints in the sand. They are there and then gone almost as quickly. An impact is different becuase there is always lasting change associated with an impact. Rich Mullins was one of those people who have impacted my life. His honesty is the thing that really sturck me about Rich. He was always brutally honest - not about others but about his own brokenness. Here is an excerpt from an article Rich Music, Rich Memories that pretty much sums up Rich's honesty.

Secrets. That's what has drawn me to Rich's music, and it's what holds me there. Rich tells us his secrets, and in so doing he tells all of ours. He speaks the unspoken. He gives the silence a shape. Out of thin air, words come that touch us in places that we have kept hidden, even from ourselves. For seven years and seven records Rich has been telling us his secrets, fighting with God and friends and the devil right out loud in the harsh light of day while we looked on, safe but mesmerized. We were made a little braver while we watched.

Sometimes I had to look away, locked in a recording studio with this impish, damaged, terribly brave man while he put on his gloves and battled with his faith. Sometimes it was just too close to home, watching him try to let his passion out and control it at the same time. I could see it was like trying to let the air out of a balloon a little at a time - it's possible, but it takes a lot of concentration and it tends to get away from you and end up flying all over the room in a frantic burst. That's why there is never anyone in the studio when Rich sings except the two of us, and if he could figure out how to get me out of there he would do it. It's a private thing, and even while recording I feel like I'm eavesdropping. But safe on the other side of the glass, secure in my easy Christianity, I listened. For seventy-two songs I listened. I heard the fury of a pheasant's wings. I believed that the wind would stir. I laughed at Beaker's bike. I worshipped an awesome God. I saw the wood shavings on the floor of a Carpenter's shop. I went to the land of his sojourn. I heard him singing, and I knew that he was telling my secrets, our secrets, pushing us and prodding us to finally admit with him that we can't get along without God, to just stop pretending, and get on our knees.

Source: Rich Music, Rich Memories by Reed Arvin
Rich's career-long producer


Bruce said...

Thanks for sharing this. I love this man's music, his soul and his life, and was sadden by his sudden death and the void he left. But we were left with a Legacy that will live on a long time in his music.

Thanks again.

Bar Bar A said...

Hey! Great minds think alike I did a post on Rich the other day too!!!!!