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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Bit of Fun

Last night a friend and I went to see the Rolling Stones "A Bigger Bang at a local movie theater. On Feb. 18th they did a free concert in Brazil with an estimated 2 million people in attendance, then for one night only, last night, they showed the concert on the big screen in select theaters. It was GREAT! Really! My son thinks I'm a total loser, one for liking the Stones, and two, for seeing them in a movie theater as opposed to live, but I've decided that's really the way to go. We had great seats and could see the entire show up close. And the crowd was well behaved. Nevermind that everyone there was too old to be anything other than well behaved. ;)

I continue to be amazed at Mick Jagger's energy level. It's a bit depressing that a 60 year old rock star is in better shape than I am (I hurt myself in my rocking chair sometimes) but it is also encouraging. MAYBE IF I get up off of my duff and DO something I wont have to grow old before my time??? That's MAYBE, and IF.

I must say too that it's nothing short of miraculous that my favorite Rolling Stone, Keith Richards is still alive. He even borrowed a George Burn's line and told the audience that "It's good to be here. It's good to be anywhere." He is looking a bit rough, OK, he's looking a lot rough, but he's still "got it" when it comes to talent. He is as amazing as ever. Mick may be the face and voice of the Stones but it's always been my opinion that Keith, or Keef, is the heart and soul of the Stones.

My friend Cathy was also good for some laughs, as always, even if they were at her expense. :) Yes Cathy I will tell it. While we were at O'Charley's eating dinner the before the show, she mentioned that "those are some awfully tall chairs". I looked about and then laughed and said, "I think those are called bar stools Cathy". She felt silly and I cracked up. That was not the end of our laughing though. We found plenty to laugh at, mostly at ourselves. It's good to laugh, to be with good friends, and to just cut loose and have a bit of fun once in a while.


Bar Bar A said...

Are you kidding me girlfriend? I would have been ALL OVER THAT! I wish I could have gone too! It sounds sooooooooooo fun! I agree about Mick and the boys - they are incredible. My son would be emabrassed too, it's their job to think we are uncool but you know inside they are bragging to their friends "yeah, my mom's into rock and roll".

Sounds like you and Cathy had a blast!

Bruce said...

Too cool. It is really fun to read other bloggers (and that includes you too, Barbara) who actually enjoy the "classics."

Good for you.

Amber said...

bar bar a, I so wish you could have gone with us. Somehow I think you would have been a blast to have along. One of our friends told us if we were arrested that we would have to sit in jail overnight because she didn't do night driving. We behaved. Our worst vice was overeating at O'Charley's before we went ... then we ended up eating Tums for indigestion. Now THAT is sad ... going to a rock concert and eating Tums. :)

Bruce, glad you're a classics fan too! I'm wondering though, what that says about us. Does it mean we're old when you like classics?? :)

Lorna said...

sounds FUN