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Thursday, March 23, 2006

For Gary - Re: Bono

I was going to respond to your comment in the comments section but I think this is going to be fairly long so I suppose I should make it into a post of it's own. :\ :)

I am currently reading 2 books about 2 very, very different rock stars. Bono and Keith Richards. Now that will make your head spin. I happen to like them both equally well but for different reasons.

I guess for me it doesn't matter if Bono is a Christian, a good man, or even a 'bad person'. I don't know him. He may be any of the above, but I happen to believe he is a Christian. His message is the Truth, often the very Truth that the Church tends to minimize. And I try to embrace Truth wherever it is found be it in a Sunday morning message at church, or in the life of a rock star. Yes, I have found elements of Truth in the life of everyone I admire, from Johnny Depp to many of the Saints, to Keith Richards, to Bono, Rich Mullins. The fact that there is Truth found in their lives at some point, (not that they are all Christians, they are not), is what attracts me to them.

Anway, here are some excerpts from Walk On by Steve Stockman about Bono that you may find interesting.

From the 2001 NBA Championship: "When the cameras switched from one venue to the other, television viewers saw Bono praying on his knees.
What can I give back to God for the blessings He poured out on me? I life high the cup of salvation as a toast to our Father. To follow through ont he promise I made to you. - Bono

The lead singer of arguably the most popular rock band on the planet was loosely reciting a prayer from Psalm 116 on national television."

"In describing U2's 2001 Elevation tour to Rolling Stone magazine, Bono said fans had told him that they senesed 'good vibrations' at the concerts.

God is in the room. More than Elvis. It feels like there's a blessing on the band right now. People are saying they're feeling shivers - well, the band as well. And I don't know what that is but it feels like a blessing, and in the end, music is a kind of sacrament; it's not just about airplay or chart positions. - Bono

Are rock and roll bands supposed to talk to Rolling Stone about blessing? Sacraments? God walking in the room? Why would this all sound so incredibly cliche coming from a well-scrubbed contemporary Christian rocker created by Nashville, yet actually sound sincere and authentic coming from a theatrical rock star?"

"There is very little garden variety evangelicalism (in the North American sense of the word) found in the members of the band. They drink, smoke, swear, and wear leatehr pants. But ther is a hefty and poetic theological substance that I think would startle St. Paul and would bring a smile to the psalmist."

"Artists and fans alike have seen what is on the world's buffet table and are still growling with hunger pangs."

I have this hunger in me ... everywhere I look I see the evidence of a Creator. But I don't see it as religion, which has cut my people in two. I don't see Jesus Christ as being any part of a religion. Religion to me is when God leaves - and people devise a set of rules to fill the space. - Bono

The central faith and spirit of the band is the same. But I have les and less time for legalism now. I just see that you live a life of faith - The Edge (U2 member)

"Maybe the times they have stumbled and admitted their imperfections have been worth the risk to be boundary pushers in a world the Church has neglected. Jesus always seemed happier with followers who would chop people's ears off (Matt. 26:51) than He was with people who claimed to have kept all the commandments."

Well, you know, I am not a very good advertisement for God. So, I generally don't wear that badge on my lapel. But it is certainly written on the inside. I am a believer. There are 2,103 verses of Scripture pertaining to the poor. Jesus Christ only speaks of judgement once. It is not all about the things that the church bangs on about. It is not about sexual immorality, and it is not about megalomania, or vanity. It is about the poor. 'I was naked you clothed me. I was a stranger and you let me in.' This is at the heart of the gospel. Why is it that we have seemed to have forgotten this? Why isn't the church leading this movement? I am here tonight because the church ought to be ready to do that. - Bono

Ouch! :) He's right, I think. And that is why I like Bono. While the Church may qeustion the appropriateness of his faith, he questions the appropriatenss of ours.


Bar Bar A said...

Girlfriend...guess what book is sitting on my nightstand right now? "Walk On". Just started it the other day.

This is so well written, I may have to link to it if you don't mind? (let me know quick if you do!)

I believe that Bono is a Christian. When I saw U2 this summer there was something going on there beyond the music. I felt it as I looked around and could tell others felt it too. There were two Middle Eastern guys sitting next to me and one of them spontaneously reached over and squeezed my hand - I don't even think he realized he was doing it...it was just one of those moments where you felt like you were not alone, you were part of something and Bono was not "it" he was just leading "it". I don't know if this makes sense. I better stop before this turns into a post!

P. S. I also have a book that is one big long interview with Bono that is very interesting - let me know if you'd like to borrow it!

Bruce said...

Would that be cool if church could be like a U2 concert? Being a part of "it," having those moments where you felt like you weren't alone? I've quoted Bono several times on my blog...who's to say he's less of a Christian than, say, George Bush?

Loved the post. Rock on.


Bar Bar A said...

Amber, check this out, I ran across it and immediately thought of your son and his group!


Amber said...

Barbara - that is cool that you are reading the Walk On book too. :) And thanks for the link about Crusade's hurricane relief - I passed it on to my son too.

Bruce - that would be cool. Kind of makes you wonder why people are experiencing that at a rock concert but not so much at church. :\

curious servant said...

Wow! Great!

i have been listening to a lot of U2 lately ad I have wven written a couple of posts about their songs.

I had fun reading here.

Neil said...

I have known Steve Stockman for over 20 years, he has a passionate and compassionate heart, run a search on "ubuntu" and you will understand what fuels him, Bono, Desmond Tutu and many other who seek to integrate their faith into real (not just religous) life. If you want to better understand the integration of faith and life you should listen to Steve's radion show at http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/religion/ontheair.shtml and click on "listen on demand" enjoy it, I do.

onfoyou said...

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steelboy28 said...

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