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Monday, March 27, 2006

Prayer Request

In December of 2004 my dad was diagnosed with an agressive form of prostate cancer. He has since responded well to treatment and has been doing very well. Today I learned that he has been passing blood. A lot of blood. He went to his GP today and was given some meds but of course, there is really no way of knowing what is causing the problem without tests. He will also see his uriologist on Thursday. All of this is pretty scary to say the least. Please keep him in your prayers.


David Cho said...

I sure will do that. Lost my mother to cancer, so I know how that goes.

Bill said...

God bless your dad. Been there, done that. He (and the rest of your family) have the prayers of my family immediately. I mention you and the rest of your family because you know that although your dad is the one with the cancer, everyone who loves him is also suffering.
Warm virtual hugs.

Amber said...

Thanks David and Bill. I don't know why I posted the diagnosis as 2005, it was really in 2004. We all really appreciate your prayers. A lot.

Bar Bar A said...

Amber, I am praying for your dad!!! Please keep up udated.

Hugs to you, sweetie, I know it's hard on the family.

Bar Bar A said...

How's your dad doing?