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Thursday, March 23, 2006


"Q: Money. Irishness. God. Which one couldn't you live without?

Bono: Wow. Well it's an easy question to ask but... here's a thing. When I was 16, my head was exploding. I just felt my life was going nowhere. I didn't fit in. I couldn't get a job. I didn't know how I could do my exams and I wasn't even sure I could concentrate at college. In those days, I remember, a prayer came up inside me. I said "I don't know what I'm going to do with my life but if there's a God out there, and I believe there is, and You want me to do something, then I'm ready. I don't have any plans for myself and I'm available for work."

Pretty much within a few months of that epiphany I had joined U2 and started going out with Ali. A pretty good two months! Now had my destiny been -- if the God in heaven had said I want you to become a fireman and run up very dangerous buildings and save people's pets, I'd like to hope I'd have gone at it with the same gusto.

So -- I couldn't let go of my faith. But what's more interesting is that I don't think God will let go of me. I love it when people on bar stools rub their chins and say do you believe in God? That's so presumptuous. A much more important question is does God believe in us?

Q: That sounds like you believe you were chosen.

Bono: No, no, no, I don't believe that. I do think God gets a laugh out of using some very poor materials. I volunteered is what I'm telling you."

--Bono in Q Magazine


Gary Means said...

A friend of mine, who is far more conservative than I, has tried to get me to read an online article about what a terrible person Bono is. I've tried, but have never been able to access it. I would guess that they will take some things that he's said and use them to "prove" that he's a "bad Christian" or maybe not even a Christian at all, in their eyes.

You know, it's an odd thing, this judging the faith of others. I don't know if it's chronological age or the number of years that I've been a Christian (51 and 28), but I am less and less willing to put people in categories based on my assumptions about them. I believe God does indeed work in mysterious ways. I suspect that we'll be surprised at who's around for eternity in Heaven. I'd put money on Bono being there.

I haven't really followed his career even though I am a fan. But from what I've seen, it appears that he is using his stardom for good.

Bar Bar A said...

Amber, hope you don't mind if I respond to Gary's comment here - Gary, I am wondering if it's the article I read a few months back, I want to say it was in Relevant Magazine...but why would they slam Bono? If I find it, I'll let you go. I remember being very upset by it.