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Thursday, March 23, 2006

They're back

My son in the cowboy hat and wild shorts

They are back Spring Break. Thanks to anyone who said a prayer for them. It sounds like the trip was good. I for one was glad to know that my son Cody had his own share of trouble as the group cooridinator. Not becuase I want my son to suffer, but selfishly, it was nice to feel that all the stuff I go through in putting together mission trips is "normal". I'm not sure why there always has to be a "problem person" along but it seems that a mission trip just isn't a mission trip without one jerk on the team. I'm sure God has His reasons.

I also get a bit frustrated with the news reports I hear. Well, it's actually not the news reports themselves becuase reporting bad news is their job I suppose. What bugs me is that so many people hear only the bad news and believe that is they way things are ... news of hurricane vicitims abusing the system, news of victims only wanting a hand-out, etc. While those things may well be true to an extent, they are most definately not the whole picture. Our family has been involved in 4 trips to the gulf states to aid in hurricane relief. We've been to Meridian MS, Pass Christian MS, New Orleans, Grand Isle, LA, Lake Charles, LA. and I've never seen anything close to the attitude that the news media would have you expect. Rather I've seen grateful people who are touched by the kindness and are willing to do whatever they can to get their lives back. Just one small example: when the Spring Break crew were eating at a restaurant some people at another table overhead their conversation and realizing why they were there, paid their bill for them. The students didn't even know until they were ready to pay and the waitress told them. That's the kind of thing we see there. Along with the still overwhelming devestation.

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Bar Bar A said...

I just read this. I get so frustrated with the media and just got done posting about it on my blog. I am glad your son is back safe and sound.

Thank you and your family for making a difference and thank you for sharing some truth about what's really going on in those areas.