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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Until the Quotation Marks Fall Away

I'm reading, among other books, One Step Closer: Why U2 Matters To Those Seeking God by Christian Scharen. I came across this last night ....

They've (U2) have quoted scripturs all along in songs, interviws, and in live performances, but the influence of scripture runs deeper still. The scriptures have so deeply shaped the way they speak that the quotation marks often fall away.

Whether that is true of U2 or not may be debatable, but what a cool way to live. I doubt if I'll ever attain that goal, but I do long to "live out scripture until the quotation marks fall away."


Bruce said...

That is such a great thought. Living out our lives as living scripture. That will preach.


Bar Bar A said...

Amber, I love this. I am getting ready to post a few quotes from the book "Walk On". It's interesting that we are both reading about them right now.