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Monday, March 20, 2006

What's the Name of Your God? (revisited)

King of Kings Prince of Peace Comforter Wonderful Counselor The Way The Truth and The Life I AM Advocate Living Water Bread of Life Saviour Redeemer The Cornerstone High Priest Good Shepherd Immanual (God with us) Lion of the tribe of Judah The Light of the World Healer

"Who do you say that I am?"

Who is Jesus to you today or this week?
Or, who do you need Him to be?


Amber said...

Hmmmm .... who do I need Him to be this week? Maybe a couple of things. I definately need an advocate. I fail so often and with such fevor that it's embarrassing. Oh, on the outside I do OK but I often want to just blow up or lash out or throw in the towel. So yeah, an advocate would be good.

I also need Him to be my (our) provider. Our mission team is behind about $1500 and we are losing team members becuase of the money issue. Now I've done this long enough to know that if it's God will, it's God bill so I don't really worry about it too much. AND I know that there is ALWAYS going to be some issue. Some years the issue is that we have "problem people" on the team. This year the team is good but money is the issue. There simply isn't enough of it. I suppose I just hate to see people struggling, really wanting to go touch lives for Jesus and yet trying to pay the rent too. :\ I wish things were easier, but then they wouldn't be as exciting would they.

Perplexio said...

I prefer "The Boss" and or "The Big Guy Upstairs."-- I think that has something to do with watching Highway to Heaven when I was growing up. I was inspired by Victor French's terms growing up.

Regarding your question: "who do I need Him to be this week?"

I counter with the question:

"Who does He need you to be this week?" :-)

Gary Means said...

I need Him to be a patient, loving, merciful, Holy God.

I need Him to be a God who reveals Himself as I seek Him, even though I do it with such hesitation.

I need Him to be a God who accepts me as I am, but is relentless in His commitment to transform and refine me.

I need Him to be a God who is near, who hears my prayers, who reassures me of His presence in small ways, and who gives me the vision to see those subtle signs.

I need Him to be a God who touches me and causes my heart to resonate with the honest, prayerful words of others as they seek His face.

I need Him to be a God who gently shows me how much I need Him, despite my fears of facing that much reality.

Gary Means said...

I may have misread the question. What is the name of my God?

The Mysterious, Holy Father of Love and Light.