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Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm a Jeep Wimp

I know, I know, Jeep owners all over will think me a big wimp. I suppose I am. You see I get a lot of flack for not taking my Jeep offroading. I can't. It is my only mode of transportation and it has to get me to work so I can't afford to take it off road and break it. My biggest offroad experience so far is to park on the grass in back of the church. Sad. I know. SO, ,y Jeepin' friends who read here and know what a Jeep wimp I am will get a kick out of this and I may never live it down, but I'm just TOO proud of myself and have to let the world know that ...

I ....

Took the back seat out of my Jeep .....

All by myself!

(thurnderous applause)

Thank you.

You must understand - I am not in the least mechanically inclined. And since I've never had the need to remove the back seat, this was a first. Before you laugh too much, let me asure you that I DO remove the windows - at times. IF the wind won't blow my hair too much. :) Since I mainly just drive to work or church, I don't even do that too often. But there have been times when I take the top off, throw caution to the wind, and enjoy the ride.

Now, I'm out of here - to do just that.

*Sorry, the only pic of my Jeep is when it was filled with backpacks to take to the rez.


Bar Bar A said...


Bruce said...

Yea you! Now, remove the windows and crank up the music as you head out. Remember, you are really ticking someone off right now.


Dionna Sanchez said...

How funny. :) I would worry about my hair getting blown around too. I wanted a jeep so badly when I was in highschool! I still love them, but we have a Tahoe. :)