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Monday, April 10, 2006

Sisters of the Precious Blood

I wish I had a camera phone. If I did, I would have taken a picture of a sign I saw today and posted it here. I was out and about with my husband and we passed a convent that had a sign that read:

Sisters of the Precious Blood
Oppose the Death Penalty


It struck me that a person could take that in a couple of different ways.

First of all, if Someone hadn't been given the death penalty, there would be no "sisters of the precious blood".

Then I thought, what if some sort of mafia sorority were operating out of that building. It would make sense that female hit women would oppose the death penalty if arrested.

I should say I suppose, that I too oppose the death penalty and have nothing at all against nuns. It's just that sometimes, some things, strike me as very strange.

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Bar Bar A said...

I like your mind - some people would have passed this by without much of a thougth. Its a very odd thing to say. I have an aunt who is a nun, I'm going to ask her what she thinks.