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Monday, May 01, 2006

Bits and Pieces of my Week

Just a few bits and pieces to share about things that have caught my interest in some way...

Taser has a new collar. She has grown so fast that she has gone through 2 others and is now on her third and final collar. Since it's the one that will be her adult collar and will (hopefully) last for the rest of her life, I got her a black leather Harley Davidson with spikes. :)

My dad is sick. He is being tested for Whooping Cough and is sure he has it since he was exposed and now has all of the classic symptoms. He is also coughing up blood so we're hoping it hasn't gone into pneumonia. On a lighter note - his doctor sent him to Children's Hospital to get the test so we've had fun teasing him about that.

Things at work went much smoother Saturday night. 22 going on 16 year-old rock chick was well behaved and gave me lots of hugs. I got the feeling I was being brown nosed, but that's OK once in a while.

Keith Richards has apparently fallen out of a tree. While I love Keith Richards, hope he is OK, and will mourn hard when he passes, I find this quite funny. What in the world was he doing in a tree??? I shouldn't ask. There are so many stories surrounding that guy - just add one more.

My son created a "MySpace" for me. I have no idea what to do with it or how to use it but it's there. I cant' read a thing on it becuase he put a wild background on it. And I have no friends. It's very sad and pitifull really. I suppose I should be glad my son thinks I cool enough to have a MySpace. Now if I were just cool enough to know how to use it....and if I were cool enough to have friends that would be good too.


Bruce said...

You have friends, they just aren't on My Space. My daughter at college has a My Space, but I've never seen it. I just figured it was another blog program. Am I wrong?


Amber said...

LOL, yeah, I know I have friends. I guess I should have been more specific. My mother-in-law just sent me an email wondering why I thought I didn't have any friends. I just assumed everyone would know I meant no friends at MySpace. I think MySpace is just another blog thing. It just seems to be primarily young people. I figured it was a way to connect with some of our youth at church. My son put this U2 background on mine and I hate it. Love U2 but can't read a thing on that wild background. Me, I'm sticking with blogger for my "real" blog. :)

dawna said...

if you "add me as a friend" on myspace, i'll be your friend, too.. (there's a link under the post "new me" on my blogger site)

blogger is my main blog site too and myspace is pretty new to me and therefore also a little annoying, but it's a good way to keep in touch with my friends who aren't into blogger and live far away. another nice thing is that myspace has a lot of "musicspaces" you can connect to, and you can add a piece of music to your own myspace, so you can share your favorite music and also be introduced to all kinds of cool new music. i definitely prefer blogger for blogging and flickr for posting photos, but so far i haven't found a better way to find new music!

have fun getting to know myspace!