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Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Baby Maria

This is a picture of me in Haiti with my baby Maria. And yes, that's razor wire behind me. We stayed at a compound that was surrounded with razor wire and armed guards - not to keep us in, but to keep people out. It can get dangerous when people are desperate. Just think, if you're family were starving to death wouldn't you do anything to save them? I would.

I am thinking about Haiti because tonight at church the group that will be going there this July had a benefit concert and took up money to purchase beans and rice to deliever to the people in Haiti.

I wish I could go. I really do. But it's just not possible. I don't have the $1200 it takes to go and I have no way to get it. And I would have to take the entire month of July off of work and I think my boss might have something to say about that. As it is, everything I've got is going toward our Pine Ridge trip. That really is my first love and my responsibility. But I sure would love to go to back to Haiti.

Maria would be about 4 years old by now. She was a wee one when I last saw her as you can see from the pic. The first time I saw her I had wandered into "Heavens Waiting Room", a part of the mission that is for children who are dying. We were always encouraged to go in, get a child, and walk around with them, play with them, and love on them all we wanted. I wasn't sure I was prepared to see a room full of dying children, but I gathered all the courage I could and went in.

I found Maria in a crib with no diaper and covered in oozing sores. In spite of that, I thought she was beautiful and picked her up and asked if I could take her out with me for a while. I later discovered, to my relief, that Maria was not sick or dying. She only had a bad case of scabies. Her mother worked in Heaven's Waiting Room and had brought her to the mission with her that day.

The next day I was working outside when I looked up and saw Maria's mother coming my way carrying Maria. She spoke only two word of English, "you mamma", as she placed Maria in my arms and walked away. A Haitian man who was with us told me that she was asking me to be her baby's mother - to take her home with me to America where her child would have a chance. This young mother obviously loved her child very much. Being a mother myself, I can't begin to imagine what anguish she must have gone through to come to the decison to offer me her baby. It was one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever experienced.


Dionna Sanchez said...

Oh - that touches my heart so much! I can't imagine offering my child to someone else - to have to make that kind of heartwrenching decision.
I sponsor a little girl in Haiti through Compassion. Oh how I wish I could go and give her a hug personally.

Bar Bar A said...

ohhhhh, Amber, that is heartbreaking. You are such a loving and compassionate person. I hope that you can go back someday.

Amber said...

Thanks ladies. Dionna, I hope you get to see your little one in Haiti someday. They really are beautiful children. Thanks for caring enough to do that for her.