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My passion is helping others defend themselves and their families. I am an NRA Certified pistol instructor, a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, leader of TWAW Shooting Chapters - North Cincinnati, and the state leader of TWAW Shooting Chapters - Ohio. I also have a heart for the Lakota people and lead mission teams to the Pine Ridge Reservation each year, am founder and director of Backpacks For Pine Ridge,, and do various volunteer work in my own community. My greatest joy is being a grandma and hanging out with my husband of 30+ years.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Prayer Requests

I have several things going on, and if anyone is so inclined, I would appreciate your prayers.

~ Pray for my safety. I have a new client who is violent. Nothing new there. I've worked with violent clients before but this one scares me. She has a history of attacking staff, sometimes with knives. It's one thing to get beat up but another to get stabbed.

~ Pray for my dad. He has whopping cough. Amazing how those old diseases are coming back. He is also still recovering from prostate cancer. He does feel well though. Just tired of being stuck in the house.

~ Pray for a friends of mine who is having a radical treatment for depression. She will have surgery next Wed. to put a device in her chest (like a pacemaker) with wires that go to her brain. The device will shock her brian every 5 seconds. She has tried everything else, including shock treatment for her depression and nothing has helped. Please pray that she will find relief with this.

~ Pray for Carlie. I've posted about her before. She is 6 years-old and batteling Leukemia. She has her bone marrow transplant soon and is now on the strongerst chemo she can be on.


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Anonymous said...

Hi (((Amber)))--

Will certainly be remembering you and yours in prayer. I've also looked at your blog re the Pine Ridge mission and will be praying about that too.

Hang in there, dear one. You are very special and you're doing a tremendous job of ministering to so many. Take care of yourself too.

Love and prayers--