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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Something To Check Out

I came across this today and thought it was worth repeating here. I especially like the quote below. I have also included the video he mentions. Please check out the entire article at his blog.

The "room God walks through" on streets is decidedly on earth; not heaven. There ARE no streets in heaven...there is ONE street; that's precisely the point (I know you were taught in well-meaning Sunday School classes about "streets of gold," but a quick Bible check will correct us). It's Kingdom come on earth (partly and propleptically)as it is (perfectly) in heaven; but the streets are in Dublin; Ethiopia; New Orleans, and most recently Africa (watch this and weep!)
So in a delightful irony, a song that many believers intuitively knew was about the Kingdom of heaven invading earth, has been critcized by conservatives for lacking its previous "spiritual context" in its current tour version. Why? Because the opening prayer is about Africa; not a biblical Psalm as usual. Give me a break, please. What does the Kingdom have to do with Africa?! What does a question like that have to do with Christianity!

(Emphaisis mine)


Bar Bar A said...

Sitting at desk
At work
My jaw dropped
Thanks for pointing me to this site.

WHOA - Mercy Me - U2 - Heaven

Thanks, Sister!

Bar Bar A said...

Can I fly to your house so we can watch the entire U2 Verigo Tour DVD together in its entirety? No one else I know will watch it with me and FEEL what I feel, but I know you would.

Amber said...

Come on over Barbara. No one will watch it all with me either and I really don't think anyone who here who does watch it feels it. I got chills when I heard that particular song. I can't even imagine how it was to be there live. MAYBE my 17 year old son comes close to feeling it, but not entirely. He did put a ONE banner on his "MySpace" though.

BagOfNothing.com said...

thank you so much for sharing this, especially the video. it's going to help make this friday morning go by so much quicker

psonica said...

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