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Monday, June 05, 2006

My Baby

Taser will have a rude awakening today. She goes in to the vet to be spayed. And I'm a worried mama. I know she'll be fine. The thing I worry about is leaving her. She has never been left anywhere before and she is very attatched to me. I once had her at my mom and dad's house and when I left the room to go down the hall to the bathroom, she freaked out. It will be traumantic for her today just being left there and not knowing that I'm coming back. It may be traumatic for me too. I'll let you know how we manage and will try to post pics of her with her cone.

Edit: I'm back from dropping her off. They wouldn't let me stay with her until they were ready to do the surgery. In fact, they looked at me like I was a little nuts for asking. Oh well, doesn't hurt to ask, eh? She was nervous but distracted by all the chaos and I'm not sure she realized they were taking her away from me. Poor baby. I'm a nervous wreck too.

Another Edit: Taser is home now and we are both fine in spite of her being groggy and not feeling well and me suffering a bad case of sticker shock. $342.00 !!!! I'm still feeling dizzy.


David Cho said...

Don't they put her out before surgery?

Good luck with that.

Layla said...

$342? we have to have our kitten neutered in a few weeks but for males it's much less invasive. Hope Taser is feeling back to her old self soon.