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Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Dad

They say that we learn about the nature of God, our heavenly Father, from our relationship with our earthly father. If that is true, then I have been very blessed. Being a daddy's girl from day one, I could tell quite a few stories about my dad and the impact he has made on my life, but I'll settle for just one.

I was a broken hearted teenager. After a relationship that I was sure would lead to marriage, I caught my boyfriend cheating on me. I was devestated and I retreated to my room to nurse my wounds. Throughout that evening my parents had both made a number of trips to my room to encourage me to come downstairs and eat dinner with them or to watch TV with them, but I would have nothing of it. Finally, my dad came to my bedroom door, walked in and sat beside me on my bed, wrapped his arms around me and just cried with me. He didn't try to talk me out of my feelings. He didn't tell me I would get over it or minimize my pain. He didn't give me a bit of advice. He just simply cried with me.

I've never had much trouble trusting God's love for me. But then, I had a great example of His love in my dad.


Bar Bar A said...

This made me cry. I can see why you are a daddy's girl - you have a very special daddy. In the first photo the look he has on his face as he's looking at you is priceless. You look just like him! I am posting some photos of my dad tomorrow.

David Cho said...


That is indeed a powerful story. That is what Jesus did for us too

David Cho said...

BTW, your resemblance to him is uncanny.