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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Some Whine and Cheese

I wasn't going to whine but since my husband Brian says it's OK to whine (boy will he ever regret saying that), I'll be happy to whine on.

Let me start with - I'm sick. Not terribly sick. Just miserably sick. Every year it's the same old pattern. I get a cold (thank you for sharing Logan) and I am MISERABLE with head congestion - something I can't stand. Then it moves to my chest and I sound like I'm dying but I generally feel better. That's when everyone gets worried though and begins to tell me I need to see a doctor. I don't. This is normal for me. I've had this pattern since I was a baby. It will run it's course and I'll be fine. I'm just miserable in the process and probably miserable to be around.

Next up on the whine list - I'm tired. I began working overtime last week - even though I don't get paid for overtime. There's this lovely little loophole in the law that states that if you are employeed as a companion, caregiver, etc. for someone, you are exempt from being paid overtime if you work more than 40 hours a week. I'm working 54 hours a week. Third shift. Sleeping in the daytime just isn't possible with family and neighbors making all kinds of racket. So, I'm tired. I'm trying to grab naps as I can. So far I really don't feel all that bad. It helps to have a job where I really don't have to "work". If I had to actually work at work, then I'd probalby be dead on my feet. I guess that's the trade off - I get paid while I watch TV or read and that makes up for overtime pay... I guess.

Next - My dog Taser is sick - again. Yesterday I came home from work hoping to get a little sleep when I noticed that it looked like Taser had ripped her incision open. I'm not much of a medical expert, but it looked bad. I called the vet and got her an appointment for 12:20. In the meantime I was trying to keep her calm when the cable guy came. Great timing. We had called them earlier in the week to repair a cable that was hanging low and they came when my dog was having issues. There was no chance I was going to (1) get sleep, or (2) keep Taser from running, jumping, barking her big-bad-attack-dog bark. Since I wanted to TRY to get a little bit of sleep I called Brian to see if he could take her to the vet. He had to rearrange his whole schedule to do so but he did. Thanks honey! Long story short - she did not rip the incision open, she just has a bad infection. She's on medication and she has yet another CONE! She also has a sedative to help keep her calm. One more week with the dreaded cone!

Last night our board of trustees agreed to back our school supply give-away on the reservation. I was thrilled! Up unitl yesterday it looked like we were not going to be able to give away the school supplies this year. (Every year we take backpacks full of school supplies to give to the children in the village.) But with the church's help, the backpacks are a go. WHICH means I have a LOT more work to do.

Today I went shopping. You can see pics and read about it here. I was really happy to find some great deals. I bought 300 notebooks, 300 ink pens, 44 boxes of crayons, and 130 glue sticks all for $128.00!! Not bad! But it took the whole day and I'm pooped. I pretty much cleaned the store out so I'll have to go back. And there will be other items to buy too, not to mention the 150 backpacks! But that will be another day.

So what can I say. Things could be worse. I guess I really don't have that much to whine about even though that has never stopped me before and certainly didn't stop me this time either.

**Side Note***

I heard from Cody today. He is in Canada for a month. He's doing great! He led two people to Christ the other day and has learned to make fire with two sticks. He has not managed to catch a fish that is bigger than his hand though and has yet to see a bear or a moose. Pray for him. He will be in the wilderness on a survival trip this week. Hopefully he will not see that bear on this trip.


Bar Bar A said...

Whoa, you had a lot to say today! I am sorry your sick and bummed to hear about Taser's infection...you poor little girls! But very happy about the good news you shared on the backpacks/shopping and the AWESOME news about Cody! He led 2 people to Christ in one day? That made me cry. I hope he does see a moose! (does he want to or is that a bad thing?).

Brian's blog is great - thanks for getting him started! It's already having an impact!

Bruce said...

I, too, am sorry you are feeling sick. Hope you can get some much needed rest. That was also good news about your church support and about Cody.

Before I read your post, I made a post today about bloggers who tell me about how their nose is runny, so I went and changed it. You can tell me any day about your runny nose. :-)

His peace.

David Cho said...

Wow, you have a lot going on. I hope things get better though. Say hello to Taser for me, and also tell Brian that I enjoy his blog.

MsDee said...

I worked for a private school. A school that was pretty well off. There are these types of schools all over the United States.
At The end of the school year i would send a mass email out to all teachers to donate any unused supplies in their classroom for our church. I would come ohome with boxes of markers pencils erasers,crayons you name it.
Perhaps you can go to the nearest private school and ask for donations you never know

May you and your helpers be blessed 1,000 fold for your work

God is With us

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