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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Taser Update

This is a pic of Taser with her THIRD cone in SIX days! She's discovered that she can chew them and has destroyed two already. She is supposed to wear it for 14 days .... right....

She is also wearing me out. It's like having a sick baby. Last night she paced the floor intil 2 AM. Not sure what she was so worried about, it was my son that left but she's the one who paced. Go figure.

In any case, I WILL BE SO GLAD when she is healed up and can return to normal. She will be too. I know that stupid cone is driving her nuts too.

I'm tired from being up with her so late and am going to try to grab a nap before work tonight. The next 3 weeks are going to be extremely busy. Tonight I begin working 54 hours a week for the rest of the month. And I still have a lot of shopping/packing to do for Pine Ridge.

Right now, I'm off to a meeting for the youth trip to DC/LA, then it's home to nap.

BTW, Cody called and they made it to Canada okay but he is feeling sick.


David Cho said...

Wow, it must have taken some acrobatic moves to chew that thing. How did that happen?

Bar Bar A said...

Poor baby (you and her) I feel bad for both of you. I hope she can have it taken off soon. None of my dogs had to wear one of those when they were spayed or neutered - that's what you had done to her right?

Glad your son mad it safely!

annie said...

We've had two dogs fixed, and neither one of them was given a cone. Do they not do cones in Lousiana??

I pray your son is feeling better soon. Those are not words that warm a mother's heart when he is so far away.

Amber said...

No cones? YOu are fortunate. :) They are supposed to keep the dog from licking/chewing at the stitches and they do work for that but they are a pain. Taser runs into walls with it and breaks it which gives her something to chew on. So far she's kept the current one on since Saturday with no damage. Dogs... gotta love 'em even when they drive you crazy.