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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Time to Hit the Knees - Carley Update

As many times as I've posted about Carley I still am unsure how to spell her name. But anyway....

Carley is not doing well at all. In fact, the docs give the family little hope. She is sedated all the time now which is probaby good because if she were awake she would be in a lot of pain.

The bone marrow transplant seems to have worked well, but she is still having a lot of trouble breathing and is on a ventilator. They've tried to remove it, but she can't breath without it. They did discover the cause of this - she has a hole in her lung - probably from radiation. As of today, they have put a new line her her wrist and leg and turned her onto her stomach to try to open her lungs.

I still believe that God is able to heal her. And in fact, I'm holding Him to that.

Someone I shared this with said that it sure put their problems in perspective. That's how I feel too. I'm really tired. I started all the overtime at work this week and it is harder than I thought. And I'm sick too. After I got off work today I went to bed and didn't get up until 4pm.


Bar Bar A said...

I'm praying for her, God can do anything. I hope he heals her. And I sure hope you feel better to, Amber!

Bruce said...

This is so tough. And it does put our problems in perspective. Plus, it gives me new perspective on my own 19 year old, very healthy, daughter.

Praying you get the rest you need, and praying for Carley.