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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Facing Fears

I actually have a few moments here with nothing to do! How did that happen?? I've been busy to the point of being overwhelmed with my job and getting ready for the mission trip. Later today I'll be packing the backpacks in the boxes that we have now acquired. But for now.... I have free time!

I think we're all operating in "panic mode" now. As I've talked to various team members I keep hearing the same thing - "I'm getting really nervous now". Me too. My big fear is "what will I forget" since I feel a huge responsibility for the trip. I awoke in a panic the other night because I was sure I was somewhere in Iowa and had forgotten to bring the map! It took me a few minutes to realize that I was not in Iowa and that we had not even left yet. I did make a note of asking someone to go to AAA and get trip tics for us the next day though ... just to be SURE we had the maps!

As we attempt a trip like this we all have fears that will need to be faced. It's actually one of the cool things about these trips - we face fears and learn that we can do things we didn't think we could.

One of the more intimidating tasks for me personally, I will need to deal with .... later today. I keep putting it off because .... well, because it scares me. You see, for as long as I've been taking these kinds of trips, I have still never learned how to fill up my air mattress. I've tried. Really I have. But everytime I attempt to fill it, I inevitably wake up with a flat air mattress the next morning. Today I need to test them to make sure they don't have any holes. Which raises an issue - how am I supposed to know if it goes flat because of holes or because I don't know how to fill it and fasten it off properly??

I'll let you know how it goes...

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