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Saturday, July 29, 2006

God Is So Weird

Come to think of it, God rarely ever makes sense. We joke on the mission trips that God seems to have a sense of humor because so many of us end up doing tasks that we are really not gifted for.

That is most definately true for me. After 3 years of leading mission trips I still marvel at the way God chooses to work and specifically who He chooses to work through. I am the very last person on earth who should be leading mission trips. Here is the list of reasons why I should not be doing this:

  • When I started this I had NO experience.

  • I had no idea what all I was getting into (else I probably would have never done it).

  • I have a ver poor sense of direction. As Brian says, I can't find my way out of a closet. So what on earth made me think I could take a group of people across the United States???

  • I really like it when people like me and am very sensitive to criticism. Being in a position of leadership, there are alwasy those who do not like what I do or how I do it so I have to deal with that kind of thing a lot. Ten years ago I really could not have done it. I've grown some since then but it is still not something I am at all comfortable with.

  • I do not like being in a position where I am called upon to make difficult decisions. (For the same reason as above).

  • I am not someone who likes telling people what to do. And I really don't like it when I have to tell someone to NOT do something they are doing. I very seldom even tell my kids what to do. I did when they were young but now that they are older I believe they should make their own decisions and live with the consequences. I have a real aversion to being in a position where I have to give direction to adults. It's just "not me" and I am extremely uncomfortable with it.

So, WHY would God choose someone like me to carry this out?? I have no idea. I really don't. I"m still amazed that it works at all.

BTW, tomorrow I will have the pictures/video up of our trip. Sorry Barbara, there is no video of us dancing at the Pow Wow. We were all dancing and no one was left to video it. There is one picture but it's dark and far away and you can't tell at all what we are doing.


Bar Bar A said...

God is weird sometimes. I guess that just proves that we are made in His image :)

He knew you could serve in this capacity and even though you felt inadequate you followed His lead and look what happened!!! How cool is that? A lot of people (me included) probably would have come up with excused of why they could not lead a group, but you went for it!

I'm glad everyone had too much fun dancing to stop and take a video of it but that would have been fun.

Bruce said...

God chose you because He looks at the heart, not the outward gualifications. You remind me of someone else. Let's see, who is that? Oh yeah, Moses, David, Daniel, Joseph, the disciples, and on and on and on.

His peace.

joanie said...

I have been thinking about God being wierd lately too.
I wonder why He chose me to be the mother of addicts. I work in a treatment center and I am recovering as well. I have been clean 5 years.

I like your blog. God is weird.

Grace to you,