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Sunday, July 02, 2006

It Is Futile to Attempt Missions

without prayer.

Yesterday a group from our congregation left for Haiti for a 2-week mission trip. I would have loved to have joined them. Having been to Haiti in the past, I know they are in for an adventure and the time of their lives. Pray for them. It is a HARD trip - the hardest I've ever been on. Some left with personal health concerns, others left family behind knowing they will have little communication with them. One left his wife and 6-month old child. Those may seem small sacrifices, but they are difficult none the less. Please keep them in prayer.

In 2 weeks, another group from our congregation leaves for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We also really, really need your prayers. I have posted a list of specific prayer needs over on the Pine Ridge blog.

It really is futile to attempt any mission project without prayer. Thanks for supporting us in this most needed way.


Brian Buriff said...

Amber's group will be making their most direct effort yet in sharing the gospel. For more than three years, she and others have sown valuable seed into the lives of the children by playing with them, feeding them, teaching them, etc. This year, the mission's team will be getting out of the mission compound and actually do work among them and directly share their faith story, in the context of listening to their faith story. I am proud of Amber!

Bar Bar A said...

Amber, how exciting that it's getting so close to the time for Pine Ridge! I WILL be praying and have been praying for the Haiti trip. There is no easy mission trip no matter where it is because opposition happens, so you are 100% right about the need for prayer!!! Someday I should share my mission trip story on my blog.

Amber said...

Barbara, I'd love to hear your story. Mission trips are exciting. I actually enjoy the one's I DON'T cooridinate much more than the trips to Pine Ridge. I'm good at doing what I'm told in spite of my reputation for being rebellious. :)