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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Let It Rain

My husband has lost it. Or so it would seem. I had no idea he was wroking on this until he presented it to me last week. He had been praying for our mission team and created this video to represent his (and our) prayer for the Lakota children and for our mission there.

BUT then he decided to have some fun with it too which is also in keeping with our mission there. (Our mission is to build relationships with the Lakota children and to be the hands and feet of Jesus to them while having a whole lot of fun.)

Following is his description of the video BUT don't let the fun part distract you from the powerful message and purpose of the message.

"Ahoy all ye YouTube-lubbers. Beat to quarters. Slip the anchor. Muster all
"Pirates of the Caribbean" hands. That elusive captain of the Black Pearl is not
far away. Watch this clip ("Let It Rain") and see if ye can find the best (or
worst) pirate you've ever heard of. He's in the mizzen. No sacrilege here mates.
If you feel condemned like Barbossa, under a curse where drink does not sate
you, and food turns to ashes, and no amount of pleasant company eases ye torment
-- I wager ye may discover treasure worth more than the gold of Cortez -- where
the blood has already been repaid. No need to sink down to the black oblivion of
Davy Jones's locker this day, say ye? Now stow the rum and keep a sharp eye.
He's at the helm. If you miss him, you will always remember this as the day you
almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow."

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David Cho said...

Wow, awesome video editing job! Some parts from the Passion are still very hard to watch.