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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Pow Wow

The Pow Wow was just another example of how freely the Lakota people welcomed us this year. There was a Pow Wow in the small village where we were working.

One day as we did a Kool Aide run through the village a man flagged us down to invite us to the Pow Wow. He said it didn't cost a thing to attend, to just come and "bring your smiling faces and your hungry bellies". We did. It was awesome!

We went to a much larger Pow Wow last year but I enjoyed this one so much more. The Lakota people have a great sense of humor and often tease each other. We were not excluded from the joking. In fact, you might say we were the joke. At one point they cleared the dance floor and asked us all to enter the Pow Wow ring. Once there they asked us to dance. That was when it got funny. Really funny. Or should I say sad?? We tried.

One of the young men in our group went over to the announcer to ask how we were supposed to dance. The reply - "anyway you can". Cute.

As we attempted to dance the announcer reminded us that the idea was to dance "to the beat", as opposed to how we were dancing. Finally a couple of the kids from VBS came to our rescue. One of the girls slipped her arm around me and said, "You're supposed to be enjoying yourself". All in all, it was great. The people in the village are probably still talking about how silly we looked.

This was a little guy that was so cute I wanted to bring him home with me. Isn't he a doll!


Bar Bar A said...

He's adorable. I do hope you have a video of you dancing at the pow wow. I'll be looking for it :)

Brian Buriff said...

I've never seen Amber dance. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen any of those on the workcamp dance. What runs through my imagination, however, makes me smile really big!

Amber said...

Hey, I danced last year at teen night. =)

bestusedcarrs said...

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