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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Specific Needs

Please remember to pray for:

Stacy - a 30 year-old Lakota man who asked to talk to me because he was feeling suicidal

Cordell - a Lakota man and father of a young boy who was released from prison 2 weeks ago and is batteling alcoholism but really trying to live for Jesus.

Stan - a Native American pastor at Wounded Knee who is a sweet and humble man but who is discouraged.

"J" - a 12 year-old Lakota girl who had ciggarette burn scars all over her arms

"E" - a 20 year-old Lakot girl who had a broken arm and was not able to get it casted

"D" - a 7 year-old Lakota girl who is being abused

"L" - a 15 year-old girl who was raped by her pastor


Bar Bar A said...


It sounds like there is a major oppression there, a lot of depression and depravity too. Wow. Abuse, rape, alcoholism.

Its so sad. Do you think most of this is can be attributed to what Native Americans suffered when they were forced onto reservations? It's almost like their hope, thier pride, their very lives were pushed so far down that they have never been able to get back up.

Amber said...

It is heartbreaking. Alcohol abuse is a huge part of the problem. The hopelessness on the rez is so thick you can cut it. A lot of kids drop out of school because they already know they aren't going to get a job anyway - there is nothing there and no place to work. They survived so much but I'm afraid that alcoholism may finally defeat them and destroy their culture.