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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cody Loves Allison

It's official! Cody has asked Allison to marry him ... and she said "yes"!

There is a story to this ....

Cody discovered that she loves the song "John Deere Green" (lyrics below) when she was listening to it and singing along back when they met and Cody knew she was "the one". Climbing a watertower was out of the question so Cody drove to his uncle's farm and hung a sign from the silos saying Cody loves Allison painted in John Deere green. He actually free climbed those silos with his cousin Mark! Then he drove Allison to the farm to have ice cream and see the farm while visiting with Mark and Joy. After the visit they took a walk and when Allison saw the sign Cody loves Allison written in John Deere green and hanging from the silo, he droped to his knees, pulled out the ring, and asked her to marry him.

We are thrilled! The two of them are really good together. If I could have hand picked a girl for my son I could not have picked a better one. She is truly everything we have prayed for.

They were farm kids way down in Dixie

They met in high school in the sixties

Everyone knew it was love from the start

One July in the midnight hour

He climed the water tower

Stood on the rail and painted a 10ft heart

In John Deere green

On a hot summer night

He wrote Billy Bob loves Charlene

In letters 3ft high

And the whole town siad that he should have used red

But it looked good to Charlene

In John Deere green

Ahh,paint it green boy

In John Deere green

- John Deere Green by Joe Diffie


Bar Bar A said...

You know I am crying as I read this right? I read it to my sister too.

Congrats to your whole family! Allison and Cody look like a happy couple :)

(I posted something about Bono on Prodigal Daughter today)

bjk said...


love answered prayers for our children!!

David Cho said...

Congrats! Proud mom and dad.