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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Game

Thanks to some friends who gave us tickets, we went to another Reds game tonight. Brian will probably write about the game. I, on the other hand, didn't see any of it. There were just too many distractions for my ADD affected brain.

Distraction #1. The Seat Situation. Upon arriving to our seats we discovered that Brian's seat was broken. He reported it to the usher and then sat a few seats down the row until something could be done. As the game was getting underway two very enthusiastic and determined men decended upon me to fix the broken seat. They pulled out a big drill (or I suppose it was a drill, I really don't know my tools that well) and began drilling away at the seat. This was fine except that they were drilling right next to my butt and jarring my seat all over the place. I was not sure what to do. Do I stand? If I stand I will block the view of the people behind me. Do I stay in the seat? These guys may think it strange that I'm allowing them to operate power tools so close to my butt. Or, do I just sit there and do my Meg Ryan imitation from When Harry Met Sally? I decided against that one. In any case, watching the game was out of the question.

Distraction #2. Beer guys. I'm not sure how many beer guys the stadium employs but it must be hundreds. They were constantly running up and down the steps and yelling in a voice only a beer guy has. After a while I became annoyed and began timing the beer guys appearances. Every 3 minutes! Literally. Every 3 minutes a different beer guy came past us to round up more customers.

Distraction #3. England. That's right. England. The guy behind us was from England, which was cool. He apparently didn't know his American friend very well and began discribing England and all of the sights there in vivid detail and in that wonderful accent. It was great and far more interesting than the game. I've always wanted to go to England and now I feel as if I might know something about it if I ever get to go. But then he began talking about Cricket. He lost me there. My ADD affected brian just can't handle hearing about one sport while watching another one.

Distraction #4. The Kiss. After a while I needed a break from the beer guys and from the guy talking about Cricket. I needed some air and a chance to stretch. So I asked Brian if he wanted to take a walk. We found a balcony with overlooked the Ohio River and watched the beautiful city lights and the boats on the river. On the lower deck other fans wandered around and bought drinks. I looked down just in time to see a guy (not a bad looking one either) catch my eye and throw me a kiss. Stunned (that doesn't happen often anymore) I looked at Brian and said, "Was he throwing that kiss to me or to you?" Brain hadn't been paying attention but he began to at that point. In fact, a bit of jealousy came to the surface until I reminded him that the guy was (1) a good distance away, and (2) drunk. Anyone would have looked good to him.

We went back to our seats after that. It was the end of the 8th inning and the Reds were up 14 - 0. Not much chance of the Astro's making a grand comeback, so we left. Apparently my evening at the ballpark was more interesting than it would have been if I had watched the game.

*Blogger is not letting me post pics again. Bummer. =( I've about had it with blogger.


Traci said...

The whole photo issue has me ruffled. I've been posting photos through photobucket out of desparation.

Bar Bar A said...

I left this really cute witty comment earlier but it didn't go through!

Just insert "witty and cute" here okay?

Glad you had fun at the game - I think the guy that blew the kiss knows a hot chick when he sees one!