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Sunday, August 06, 2006

God Is So Weird: Part II

I am continually amazed when I watch God move. He rarely ever makes any sense at all. I not only wonder at that, I wonder about it. There are no doubt countless reasons for why He works as He does but I wonder if He always worked in sensible ways if we wouldn't try to figure Him out .... and then once we had Him figured out, try to control Him?

I've wondered again tonight. I am just back from church where I was invited to "sit in" at the monthly youth service. It is always a treat to hang out with the youth even though they do intimidate me a bit. Tonight there was a special guest in the service - a young man who has done a lot of painting in the youth room. He is a graffitti artist and a rapper and a genuinely sweet and humble guy. Not what you would expect in a rapper or a graffitti artist with a bit of a shady past.

As I watched him paint and listened to him rap ( he did not do these at the same time), I began to think what a cool thing it would be to have him along on our next mission trip to Pine Ridge.
I often tell people that going to the rez is a lot like going to the inner city, without the city. The kids there LOVE hip hop. I, on the other hand, do not. I'm not oppoesed to it - I just don't 'get it'. But it's not about what I like or don't like. It's about what communicates to the kids there. This year we tried to get Red Cloud, a native American rapper from southern California, to come to the village where we were but the timing just didn't work. Maybe another year...

After the service I approached Phayth (faith) about the possibility of going along with us next year. He seemed interested but of course he was being mobbed by a bunch of teenagers at the time so maybe he was just being polite. As I was talking to him I happened to mention Red Cloud and asked if he had heard of him. His reply was, "Yeah, I've heard of him. I know him. He is a friend of mine."

That leaves me to wonder again ... about what God might have in mind. Of course there is a good chance that nothing at all will come of it ... but it is interesting to wonder. It does strike me as odd though ... who but God would take a white girl from a coal mining/farming town in southern Indiana and hook her up with some rappers, former gangsters from southern California and put them on an Indian reservation??? It's weird alright, but it's so like God.

If you're not familiar with Red Cloud, see the video below.


bjk said...

Really drawn to your post today....what might God have on his mind?.....I am reading an old book Hinds Feet on High Places and it just seems to me I try too hard to figure Him out....so thanks for a point for me to think on with out obsessing over....

Jean said...

That is awesome Amber!

Gary Means said...

Awesome! I'll have to do some googlin to find out more about Red Cloud.