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Friday, August 04, 2006

Grace or Disgrace

By now everyone is no doubt sick to the gills of hearing about Mel Gibson's DUI and anti-Semitic statements upon arrest. I not one to follow celebrity gossip but this story did catch my attention... but maybe not for the same reasons it has captured the media's attention.

The other day as I was watching various "news" reports about this incident it became apparent that the media, other actors, producers, and an awful lot of "men on the street" were outraged by Mr. Gibson's statements and were ready to dismiss his apology and inflict punishment.

Ari Emmanuel had this to say...

People in the entertainment community, whether Jew or gentile, need to demonstrate that they understand how much is at stake in this by professionally shunning Mel Gibson and refusing to work with him, even if it means a sacrifice to their bottom line. - Ari Emmanuel

Since then other actors have vowed to never again work with Mel Gibson. It seems Hollywood is willing to take a moral stand on this one. Good for them for trying.

But as I watch all of this unfold I wonder where are all the Christians who supported Mr. Gibson in the making of The Passion of the Christ? Granted, I seldom watch the news and even less "celebrity news" so maybe I've just missed it, but there seems to be a definite silence when it comes to supporting Mel Gibson this time around.

To be fair, I can only guess that no one is going to be too quick to rally around Mel for fear of looking as if they support his blatant anti-Semitic statements. Understandable. Statements such as the one's Mr. Gibson reportedly said should not be supported or condoned in any way shape or fashion. But does that mean we reject him personally as well?

If Hollywood is going to take a moral stand on this, then shouldn't Christians also take a stand - for a higher law by reaching out in love to a brother who has obviously said some terrible things and made some terrible mistakes? Can't we hate the sin and love the sinner? This is our chance to show grace .... will we take it or will be once again shoot one of our wounded because we don't want to get our hands dirty?


David Cho said...

Thank you for posting this, Amber.

We need to both confront AND forgive him, but I don't think we have done either.

Bar Bar A said...

AMEN SISTER! I tried to say this on someone's blog yesterday because they were bashing Mel. I wish I could remember where it was (not a regular one I read) because you have eloquently stated exactly what I was trying to say.

Question: If Mel had said "Christians are responsible for starting all war" what do you think would have happened? Do you think the uproar would have been the same?

Answer: No, because it's politically correct to bash Crhistians.

Brian Buriff said...

Amber articulates so well what I've been thinking. Well stated!

Robert said...

Definitely right on Amber!!! What gets me in cases like this is that as christians we of all people should be the MOST gracefilled and LEAST judgemental we KNOW we are poor miserable wretches apart from Gods grace and love in Christ!!!! I am reminded of a story i heard Tony Campolo tell....a minister was talking to him about his being Bill Clintons spiritual advisor and the minister told Tony... that man does not DESERVE the grace of God!!!! DOH!!!!!!!!!! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?????!!!!!

NOT DESRVE GRACE????? What Bible is this dude reading???? thanks for sharing this reminder Amber