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Monday, August 07, 2006

Not a Day I Would Want to Trade Places With My Husband

Barbara asked on her blog how a typical Monday started for us - check out her blog if you've not already. I don't really have a typical Monday. It's usually a catch-up day for me because I work long hours over the weekend. Basically I cram a full-time job into the weekend. Normally on Monday I sleep until I wake up, which is usually around 7:30. Then it's a bee line for the coffee, which I read while I check email and blogs. Then I have another cup while I think about what I have to do that day. After another cup of coffee, I get about doing what it is I have to do.

Today was different. Brian was already gone when I woke up - that's pretty normal. As I was sitting thinking about what I had to do and mentally making a list, it occured to me that we had a funeral today. I decided nothing on my list was all that urgent so I decided to pick up some food and head over to the church to see if the ladies needed any help putting the after-funeral lunch together. As I was getting ready I thought about my husband's day .... and it's not one I would want. In fact, I don't know of many people who would want it.

He left the house early, had a funeral to do and a family to try to comfort. After bringing coming back to the church for lunch with the family (where I met up with him) he went on hospital visits - one to see a newborn baby and one to see Carly, (who I've written about before). Seeing Carly is normally a difficult visit ....it's just hard to see a young child fighting for her life and her parents being tortured with a slow-motion roller coaster that swings between distress and slight improvement. After seeing Carly he dropped me off at church to get my Jeep, then headed to a town a good hour's drive away to visit an elderly shut-in. He will be home for a quick dinner at 5pm and then has a meeting that will likely last from 6pm throughout most of the evening. When it's all said and done he will have put in at least a 15 hour day. And it's not just a long day but an emotionally draining one. Not that he minds. He loves visiting with patients and shut-ins and is particularly gifted when it comes to helping people grieve. I doubt he would have things any other way.

I don't know of many people who could do what he does, or do it as well as he does. (bragging) I don't even know of many people who would want to do what he does. I know I wouldn't.

But you know what? There are hundreds and thousands of pastors all over the world who do this kind of thing. So, if you have a good pastor (I know there are some bad one's out there - believe me I know) take a moment to pray for them. And if you are inclined, let them know they are appreciated. But even if you don't tell them you appreciate them, pray for them because that is what they need the most. And if you have one of those bad pastor's ... then pray for them even more.


Gary Means said...

I am so glad that you and Brian are both married to a person with great compassion. You are a beautiful couple.

Magicfingers said...

God Bless that man your married too, and you too. Sounds like you two make a good team.

Bar Bar A said...

Ditto what Gary said, that was perfect. I admire both of you so much. Wow, I don't know how Brian can handle all of that in one day.

And thanks for the reminder to pray for our pastors (good and bad). Its funny I don't go to church much, but I do have a pastor, Lyle Castellaw, who pastors the church I sometimes go to. Lyle is my only friend in the entire church. That's weird huh? He's a godly man and I'm blessed to know him.

David Cho said...

Brian is a true pastor in every sense of the word.

I should one day write about the pastor I had when I was in high school. Left the church when I started my college years for something "bigger and better" in favor of big time preaching and programs at a mega church.

Now I remember him as the true pastor whom I treasure now.