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My passion is helping others defend themselves and their families. I am an NRA Certified pistol instructor, a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, leader of TWAW Shooting Chapters - North Cincinnati, and the state leader of TWAW Shooting Chapters - Ohio. I also have a heart for the Lakota people and lead mission teams to the Pine Ridge Reservation each year, am founder and director of Backpacks For Pine Ridge,, and do various volunteer work in my own community. My greatest joy is being a grandma and hanging out with my husband of 30+ years.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nuthin' Much to Say

I've not posted here much since getting home from Pine Ridge. I felt a little emotionally overwhelmed. I mean, how do you begin to describe a trip like that? I found that words really didn't do it justice so didn't tell too many stories. Besides, Brian had already shared a few of the stories on his blog.

And too, even though I'm home now, I'm still as busy as ever. There has still been a lot of wrapping up to do with the trip. It always amazes me how long before the actual trip the prep has to start and how long afterward there is still work to do regarding money, pictures, thank you letters, etc.

So I'm back to a normal schedule at work now. Maybe it's because I'm just home from the mission trip but it seems to me I have the most boring job in the world. I worked from 10am to 8pm the other day and watched 10 straight hours of Animal Planet. I thought I would die. Really. Ten hours of anything is too much but Animal Planet??? I do believe I could deliver a giraffe if I had to with all the Animal Planet my client watches. I worked a second shift this week too and had been looking forward to a little more action. Second shift is generally busier and time goes faster, but no, my client came home from work, we fixed dinner, she ate and then promptly fell asleep in her recliner until I woke her up at 9pm to give her meds and put her to bed for the night. BORING!

All that to say this - I have nothing to say - which is why I'm not posting much.

Something I am excited about though is that Brian and I are going to get away for a few days in late August! It's a trip we would not otherwise be able to do so it's a BIG DEAL to us and we're both really excited. You'll have to stay tuned to find out where. Hey, I've gotta do something to keep you coming back.


Bar Bar A said...

I'd come back and read even if you had nothing to say :)

I can imagine that after a huge trip like Pine Ridge there is a some sort of emotional and physical adjustment back to normal life.

Yay for you and Brian! I can't wait to hear where you're going :)

Amber said...

Here's a hint. Alaska. :)

Askinstoo said...
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