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Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Year

August 29, 2006 will be the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I will be out of town and not have internet access on that day but I didn't want the day to go unmentioned by me. I was privileged to be able to go down and help out in a small way after the storm and I met some really WONDERFUL people. Part of my heart will always be in Grand Isle, LA, Lake Charles, LA and Meridian MS.

There were a lot of news stories broadcasts that told of abuses and greed and misuse of funds by the people there ... that some purchased high end luxury items rather than use the money for necessities. I imagine that did happen. It's human nature. But I can say that in my time there I never saw ANY of that attitude. I saw good people trying to do the best they could after something horrible had happened to them. And I saw grateful people. Many of them asked if my place was OK. When I told them I was from Ohio they looked shocked and humbled and asked why I had come down. When I told them we just wanted to help, a few of the got a grateful look in their eyes and said, "Anything bad ever happens up north .... we'll be there".

This presentation has pictures from the news media as well as some from our own trip(s) and one that my son went on 6 mos. after Katrina. I sometimes pull this out and watch it and wonder where some of those folks in the shelters are today. The old man in the last pic was especially sweet. He has spent 3 days on the roof of his house waiting for someone to rescue him. Instead of being bitter, he was grateful ... and said that he knew there were people who had it worse than he did ... and that he "wished he had been one of the ones who had it worse instead of them".

Please do not forget these folks. The recovery effort is still going on a year later.

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annie said...

Amber, I did not want to watch this, but I had to. The song is perfect. Tnank you for sharing. The man at the beginning who feld to the roof and lost his wife haunts me. I wish I knew what happened with him, how he is doing today. I pray that God's peace has surrounded him, and others like him, who have suffered through this devastation.

The fallout from Katrina (and Rita) is still very evident a year later all along the Gulf coast.