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Saturday, September 16, 2006


I'm torn over a situation that is occurring here in our town. On June 5th of this year, the home of Jing Fei Jiang, the owner of a local Chinese restaurant was raided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. He was later indicted by a federal grand jury on 11 counts of harboring illegal immigrants. He allegedly lied about his own citizenship in order to get loans to open the restaurant and was helping people come from his homeland by giving them a job and allowing them to live with him.

I have no idea as to this man's intentions. I can only assume the best .... that he was simply trying to help people attain a better life here in America. While I realize the problem illegal immigration has become, it also saddens me to see people like Jiang treated in the manner he has been treated. The day his home was raided and he was taken into custody I remember seeing on the news his front door being busted down by agents. It was quite a scene in an otherwise quiet neighborhood.

The thing that really disturbs me though is that he will be deported back to China - a country that is well known for human rights violations. Among the violations are:

  • Torture and Ill Treatment of prisoners
  • "Reeducation" camps
  • The Death Penalty - Defendants can be put to death for NON-violent criminal offenses, such as theft and often do not have access to lawyers.
  • Abduction and Trafficking of Women

It disturbs me to think of what may happen to Jiang if/when he is deported. Sure, he broke the law. He lied. He harbored illegal immigrants hoping to make a better life for themselves. But when I look at the situation in China I have to ask which is worse, lying to help others or sending a man back into a country where he may be tortured and/or killed. And then I have to ask, should we speak up for this man? If he were a Christian brother helping others flee a repressive regime in order to worship freely, would we view this differently? Would we speak up then?

Or, maybe I'm just off my rocker.

You can read more of the story here.


Bar Bar A said...

No, you're not off your rocker. We have a huge illegal immigration problem here in my area (60 miles from the Mexican Border) and I rarely hear of a story like this. Why was he singled out? I understand deporting illegal aliens that are here selling drugs, preying on children, starting gangs, and other illegal activites - but this guy is a working man providing a better life for others who are willing to work.

I don't get it - why bust him when they could have spent that time and money tracking down a drug dealer or a child molestor?

On the other hand, here in CA there is a growing division between the illegal immigrants and the legal immigrants and citizens. They speak out against our country and how horribly we treat them but they are not willing to do what others fromm Mexico have done to earn the right to live here. They bitch about how unfair we are while they gladly take our money to pay for their medical bills and pay them under the table so they don't have to pay taxes.

Its a very complicated issue with no easy answer.

I guess to me the big difference here is WHY are they leaving their country? I don't think many Amreicans understand what it's like for some people who live in China. The Chinses that immigrate HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD to escape an oppressive country have my support 100%.

The people down in Mexico who sneak over the border and then call the USA names, I have a harder time with. I have NO PROBLEM at all with the Mexicans who choose to better their lives by legally becoming part of our country.

Feel free to delete this...I think it's actually longer than your post. It got me all riled up. I better go take another look at the dancing chicken to calm down.

David Cho said...

It is a complicated issue, and why we continue to do business with a repressive regime is beyond me.

I agree with barbara with almost everything she says. It is impractical to deport all illegal aliens, but starting out with a hard working guy seems like a wrong place to start while criminals run amock.

There is a funny law in Southern California. Once a felon who is illegal is caught and imprisoned, he gets to be deported. But when he comes right back to US after deportation which is a joke, cops aren't allowed to arrest him.

Brian Buriff said...

Amber, you bring a perspective to this local situation that, for whatever reason, didn't strike me until I read your post. Thankyou.

Seems like the Butler County Sherrif could say, "Ok, you're busted, there's a penalty" (satisfying his political interests) but then say, "But there's also an alternative to get you legal and on the right legitimate track here in the Fairfield area." Some sort of combination of law and grace. Okay you're caught, but we see redemption in here and don't have to throw stones (or throw you out)...there's help, hope and there's a way.