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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Evening at the Buriff's

I know it's bad when I post so frequently and have very little to say but I thought I'd share what an evening at our house is like.

Normally, when everyone is home, we have dinner together and have some of the funniest, strangest, weirdest conversations you can imagine. We often wonder if other families are as strange as we are. I don't know about that but we sure have fun.

Tonight was no exception. I didn't feel like cooking and have been tired of being in the house so much so we went to a local pizza place to have dinner. One of the guys in the youth group at church works there and I had told him we'd drop by sometime to see him. As soon as we walked in the door we saw him and waved "hello". There was also another man from church waiting for takeout. Once we were seated the waitress came to take our order and asked if we knew Brandon because she had overheard us saying hi to him. We ordered and I instructed her that I wanted Brandon to put some love in my calzone. She made a note of that. Now you must realize that Brian is menu challenged and has difficulty ordering off of a menu. Our youngest son cringed in horror as he heard his dad ask the waitress if the "Zinfandel" that was recommended with his salad was a kind of dressing.

Before long Brandon was at our table being his usual hilarious self. He brought Brian a rubber glove which Brian blew up until it burst. The other employees eventually came over too and joined in the fun. One of them showed us his brand new tattoo and I showed them all mine. Our table seemed to be party central.

Then on the way home Brian nad I were talking about a particular movie that we are interested in seeing. I suggested we stop at the video store and see if they have it. They didn't. Brian wondered if it could be purchased online at either Amazon.com or Ebay. Once we got home I made a pot of coffee and then went to my computer was Brian disappeared into his study. I found the movie at Amazon and ALMOST clicked on the buy now button but though that MABYE I should check with Brian first. Good thing. As soon as I stepped into his study he announced that he had just purchased the movie. We ALMOST ended up with two copies. Brain said it was good that at least we were not bidding against each other on Ebay.

Then my oldest son came home and asked, "Mom? How do you start a revolution"? Huh???


Bar Bar A said...

I am cracking up! Can I move in next time a bout of depression hits? I think after about 10 minutes at your house my blues would be gone...you guys are fun and funny.

Ok, Amber - how DO you start a revolution?

David Cho said...

The only thing missing is a camera rolling. Sounds like a sitcom you have going there.

So will you tell us what movie it is?

Bar Bar A said...

LOL- good comment from David!

Regi McInfly said...

yeah, i want to know your anwser to that question too.