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Thursday, September 07, 2006

I Have a Fake Last Name

Really, I do. And not just online. Our last name Buriff is fake, and no, we're not in the CIA. The story goes like this ...

Years ago two brothers who were named Bogenwright got into a fight. One brother wanted to disassociate himself from the other brother so he changed his last name to Buriff.

This however, can cause problems. For one thing, NO ONE can get our last name right. People who have known me for years still spell it wrong and that creates all sorts of issues.


I have been sick all week. Really sick. The kind of stay in bed and wish you could die kind of sick. Yesterday Brian came home with similar symptoms. He was good and went to his doctor and was told he has pneumonia. Given that it is really likely that he caught it from me, I decided that going to the doc might be a good idea for me as well. That, and the fact that my work has already called asking me to work some more crazy hours this week and will only take a "no" if it is accompanied by a doctor's order. (Long story about my dystufncational workplace.)

So I called the doctor. The same doctor I've seen for years. And I'm told that I am not in their system ...that I have to start all over as a new patient which means that the next appointment I can get is on Sept. 18th. I told the receptionist that I would either be over this or dead by then and I'd really like to see a doctor sooner. She insisited that it MUST have been 7 or 8 years since I have been there. I know I've been there in the past few years. I imagine that they have our last name spelled wrong, or either she is looking it up wrong because she has confused the "f's" for "s's". She is probably putting Burriss, or Buriss, or Burris into her computer and since there is no such person, I am not in the system.

So my question is WHY COULDN'T THAT BROTHER FIND AN EASIER FAKE NAME TO ASSUME? Something like Smith or Jones would work really well.


hallchick said...

i have had some of the same things with a simple name like Hall we get paul fall and others.

hope you are feeling better soon miss you at church,
and Brian

Bar Bar A said...

Oh sweetie - I'm sorry to hear you two are sick! That really sucks. But at least your bodies held out till AFTER the Alaska trip!

I have one of those last names that NO ONE can pronounce too. I'll even post it here, what the heck: Legere
Now people can stalk me easier.

Seriously, I hope your feeling better soon. (can you find a different job? they are too demanding of you!)

Amber said...

Really?? Hall gets mistaken??? Geez.

barbara - I'm glad we got sick AFTER Alaska too. Even if we're sick BECAUSE of Alaska (not likely) it was worth it. As far as quiting .... I may consider it if I could find another job I liked as much ... I actuall LIKE my job - it's the managment that makes it miserable. I hate to quit something I like because the management team is so dysfunctional but I may have to. I'm keeping a log of abuses and I may report them to the state if some changes are not made soon.

David Cho said...

You'd be amazed at how often people mess up my last name too. Choe, Choi, Chow, and sometimes Chavez.

It has gotten better since Margaret Cho became famous, but still, with just 3 letters you'd think it would be easy.