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Friday, September 01, 2006

Life is Full of Good and Bad

It's been a good week but now I have a prayer request to ask of anyone who reads here.

Please keep my dad in your prayers. About a year and a half ago he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of prostate cancer - not your typical prostate cancer and not good news. He began treatments and responded remarkably well. You would have never known he was sick because he kept busy with all of his usual projects - he even bought a house, gutted it and remodeled it. He also went on a mission trip with us this summer. He got tired a bit quicker than normal but then that's to be expected with radiation and hormone therapy.

A month ago he got bad news. His PSA was higher than it has been. They waited a month and then took it again to make sure the test wasn't faulty. It wasn't. It's even higher now. So they have started him on Casodex along with the injections he's already taking.

According to the info that came along with the meds, came a "days to death" chart. That was/is a bit unsettling and I think it has him scared. It's scary for me too. Scary to think about losing my dad (I've always been "daddy's girl") and scary to think of what he might go through in the process. Certainly he has always been healthy and still is quite strong so that is on his side. More importantly prayer is on his side. So I'm asking you to put him on your list and remember him in prayer. Thanks so much!


hallchick said...

you know i will be praying for your Dad,

Theodora said...

((((Amber)))) Please let your dad know that I too will be praying and will ask for prayer in my church communities as well.

Dreadful situation...but how wonderful that your courageous dad was able to be with you all on the Pine Ridge Mission. Cherish all those good times, even as you fear the worst. NO "easy way" to go through this, but know that you and yours will also be in my daily prayers.

I'll be checking in here "as able."

Grace and peace to you.... I love you.


Bar Bar A said...

He's on my list. I can't imagine what this must feel like for you, him and the rest of your family. Holding you in my prayers,

Janice said...

Take that 'days to death" chart, stomp on in, rip it up into tiny pieces, & throw it in the trash!

Do NOT look to the right or the left. Look forward, straight into God's eyes!!

HE is the mighty miracle worker!

I refuse to become a "statistic" and your dad, in the Name of Jesus, will NOT become one either!!

Will be praying.

Amber said...

Thanks everyone for your prayers and your support. I myself am wondering why in the world they would include a chart of Days to Death in the meds for a patient who didn't ask for that kind of info???? Nothing like that to stress you out eh?

Janice said...

I've read my own stats too.

According to them, I have an 85% chance of living another 5 yrs.


Now, you know I intend to prove them totally wrong! :)

Rainbow dreams said...

prayers from here - I can hardly believe anyone would feel they have the knowledge to produce a chart like like that - I'm thinking of you and your family

David Cho said...

Thanks for sharing. He seems like a great guy and great Dad.