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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

It's hard to ignore the fact that the 5th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us. Like many, I am participating in the 9/11 memorial and will be posting about Anne M. Cramer on the 11th.

I have some other thoughts to post about 9/11 that I do not want to interfere with Anne's memorial so I thought I would post those early.

Today, as part of my own way of remembering that terrible day, I will talk about where I was that day. It may not be something anyone else wants to read but it will do me good to write it.

I was attending Miami University chasing a degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminology. My Human Phys. class was due to meet at 9:45. That gave me time to reheat a leftover piece of Tombstone pizza and sit down in front of Good Morning American to eat it before running off to class. Brian was upstairs in his office doing some work. I sat down and flicked on the TV when it suddenly occurred to me that it was odd that GMA would be on a 9:00 am. Then I heard the report that a plane had hit the World Trade Center.

Setting the pizza aside I ran upstairs to tell Brian the news. He was absorbed in his work and told me to let him know what happened. So it was back downstairs to tune in and see what had happened. At that time everyone assumed some sort of accident.

As I watched the screen I noticed a plane at the edge of the screen and though, "That must be a plane they've sent it to survey the damage". But as soon as the thought crossed my mind I realized the plane I was seeing was far too big to be something of that nature. There really are not words to describe what I saw next. I watched dumbfounded as the plane flew into the second tower.

Quickly I ran upstairs to tell Brain that another plane had hit the second tower. To say it was all unbelievable would be an understatement. But there was no time to digest what had happened ... I needed to leave to make class.

Once I arrived at class everyone was talking about what had happened at the Pentagon. The Pentagon? Stunned, I asked what happened and was told that a plane had stuck the Pentagon. It was at that point that I began to wonder what was going on. Were we under attack? What would be next? How was I supposed to think about Human Phys. with all of this happening to our country?

The professor walked in and was either unaware of the events of the morning, or felt that class was more important. In either case we proceeded into the day's lesson without a mention of the attacks. Somehow I was able to put it out of my mind and focus on physiology.

I was to meet Brian for coffee just after class and ran downstairs to find him as soon as class was out. When I found him his demeanor was solemn and I will never forget his words .... "the firefighters and emergency workers .... they're all gone". Gone? What did he mean gone? Even after he told me that the buildings had collapsed it didn't register with me the enormity of what had happened.

Rather than go for coffee we went to the student center and watched it all unfold on TV. The room full of college students was eerily silent except for the newsbroadcasts. Occasionally a swear word could be heard or the sound of crying. Across the bottom of the screen local news stations were announcing that some of the local schools would be dismissing early. I decided to go home and skip the rest of my classes in case my son's came home early. I wasn't sure what was happening to our country and I wasn't sure how much they might have seen at school and didn't want them to come home to an empty house.

I came home, turned on the TV and like so many other confused Americans watched the news for the rest of the day in hopes of hearing something good.


Brian Buriff said...

After Amber had left for school, I laid all of my work aside and watched the horror unfold. As the first tower came down, it was like there was a ghostly tower of smoke remaining. I felt like the wind was knocked out of me. The difficulty I have breathing with my Pneumonia right this moment is nothing compared to trying to find my wind five years ago. It was hard to breath.

My denial said, "surely the tower is still there - somewhere - in the smoke..." My heart was frantically racing - do something, you've got to do something. As I raced to the Miami University campus to catch up with Amber, I could only think to call the church to pray.

Bar Bar A said...

Wow. I'm glad you shared, I think it's good for all of us to share where we were and how we felt at that moment.

As you saw, I started my tribute early - don't ask me why I am drawing it our for five days, I didn't really plan it like that but this year - because of the tribute bloggers are doing, I feel the impact more than any other year since the attacks.

I actually jumped on you blog to ask how your dad was - how is he?

Brian, I'm praying for you to feel better SOON and you too Amber. UGH!!! no fun to be sick.

Amber said...

Hey Barbara,

My dad is doing well. He and my mom went boating with some friends today and he's working on recovering a chair for me. He stays busy. So far there's not been any bad side effects from the new meds. I'm sure he's scared but he's hiding it well. Physically he feels great and looks great. I decided not to worry too much about this .... I will lose my dad one day but I can lose him a lot sooner if I let worry and fear dominate every day unitl then.

Thanks for askign about him, and for your prayers.

David Cho said...

Thanks for sharing. Much like you, I didn't realize America was under attack until Pentagon got hit. Oh my, the most secure place in the world...

It took me a while to process what was really happening - just a lot of shock and disbelief.