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My passion is helping others defend themselves and their families. I am an NRA Certified pistol instructor, a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, leader of TWAW Shooting Chapters - North Cincinnati, and the state leader of TWAW Shooting Chapters - Ohio. I also have a heart for the Lakota people and lead mission teams to the Pine Ridge Reservation each year, am founder and director of Backpacks For Pine Ridge,, and do various volunteer work in my own community. My greatest joy is being a grandma and hanging out with my husband of 30+ years.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Coming Soon

Tomorrow evening is the Harvest Party at church. We do this every year to give the kids a safer alternative than trick-or-treating. The costumes are hilarious - those of you who do not attend our church should be aware that we have a crazy bunch of people. I do believe the adults have way more fun than the kids.

I'll be posting pics after the party! Until then, here's a pic of a guy at church who is dressed like ... well ... you guess who. (and this wasn't even Halloween!)


BarBarA said...


Ok - please tell me you read the comment your dear husband left on my blog this morning about his costume. I ALMOST DIED. He said you wouldn't let him wear it - good decision!!!

Amber said...

Yeah, I did read Brian's comment. I've been trying for weeks to talk him out of that idea. He's such a goofball.

urbanmonk said...

Rock and roll will never die! Despite christianitys best efforts. Thank the lord! We dont celebrate pagan festivals down here, we worship the God of hedonism without any hoo ha in our daily lives... we dont feel the need to get dressed up fancy for it.. the land of the Long weekend..Thats us!

Just wanted to stop by to thank you for your comments on my post yesterday, and comment on your pine rige post about wounded knee..that was realy touching. Our indigenous population has suffered a simliar fate.

We are so good at murdering with one hand while we praise and give thanks with the other...

Amber said...

Hey Urbs,

Let's hope rock and roll never dies. A world without rock is not a world I want to consider. =)

Yeah, it's horriffic what has been done to the native people. On our reservations it was (unfortunately) the white missionaries who did a lot of the damage. Somehow that's not hard for me to believe.